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Perspective EventsEvery year, millions of people across the country require addiction treatment. It’s critical for each person to find the addiction treatment center that is right for them. In many cases, one addiction treatment center must work with another to ensure that each client or patient gets the long-term care and support they need. Fortunately, with the help of our Perspective Matters recovery events, we can provide substance abuse education and connection with other treatment centers. These events are an excellent opportunity for addiction treatment centers to connect and learn from experts in the addiction treatment community. To learn more about our Perspective events, contact Southworth Associates today at 844.521.0523 or email [email protected].

What are Perspective Events? 

As we work through the trials that have arisen during the global pandemic, we face new difficulties. It has become more challenging to keep up with today’s treatment methods, maintain relevance in today’s addiction treatment market, and stay up-to-date with our certifications. It’s also significantly more difficult to stay connected to other addiction treatment centers. In short, the way we have done business, helped our patients, and interacted with each other has changed due to the challenges this year has brought. As such, we need to adapt to these challenges and change the way we provide services to help the growing number of people who need treatment. 

To assist in the adaptation, we are providing two unique virtual events in the coming year. During these recovery events, we will delve into the triumphs and trials that behavioral health workers face. These events will provide opportunities to obtain continuing education credits, interact with speakers during Q and A sessions, and network with other attendees. Furthermore, we will also provide virtual exhibit halls and sponsorship avenues similar to those that a traditional event would feature. 

Perspectives: A Time for Change

The first substance abuse education recovery event we’re hosting is our Perspectives: A Time for Change event, which occurs in October 2020. The co-founders and producers of “Moments of Change” are bringing this national conference to our clients. We have invited speakers from around the world to address the challenges the addiction treatment community is facing and provide the insight that we can all use. Please explore the new treatment methods and trends with us as we work with other treatment providers in our virtual environment and look at our field with new perspectives. 

Perspectives in Recovery

Coming to a computer near you this spring, our Perspectives in Recovery event will focus on the methods we use to provide support and care for clients. We’ll also discuss how to help them progress into the recovery world and avoid relapse. We’ll introduce leaders in the addiction treatment industry as they discuss how we provide a continuum of care and address coronavirus’s impact on your treatment center. This recovery event will challenge you to see addiction recovery from a unique perspective. 

Seek Assistance at Southworth Associates 

At Southworth Associates, we realize that times have changed, and we must adapt to these unique challenges. With our substance abuse education recovery events, you can get involved in a fresh event experience and look at recovery from a new perspective. You can also charge into the new environment with the skills that you gain from these unique events. 

At Southworth Associates, we’re proud to provide consulting services to those in the behavioral health treatment industry. In addition to our events, we also offer a range of unique services, including:

To learn more about our substance abuse education recovery events, reach out to Southworth Associates today at 844.521.0523