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Perspective: A Time for ChangeThere’s no doubt that 2020 has included a wide array of changes, and the events taking place this year are no different. In the past, we may have attended events in person, with thousands of leaders of addiction treatment centers in attendance. However, this option is no longer available due to social distancing and the fears surrounding COVID-19. Fortunately, Southworth Associates and our partners have prepared for this challenge and are proud to announce the first Perspective: A Time for Change conference. This conference is an excellent way for you to meet with addiction treatment providers and learn from our industry experts. To learn more about this event, contact Southworth Associates today at 844.521.0523

What Is the Perspectives: A Time for Change Event?

Perspectives: A Time for Change is the first education recovery event that Southworth Associates is hosting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Moments of Change conference’s co-founders and producers are bringing this event, which occurs in October, to addiction treatment centers we work with regularly. We have speakers from around the world attending to address the unique challenges the pandemic has introduced. They will also provide us insight that we can use in day-to-day life at your addiction treatment center. 

Speakers at Perspectives: A Time for Change

One of the critical parts of any conference is the speakers that will be attending. We’re proud to provide our attendees with a range of exciting and experienced speakers. This year’s speakers include a range of experts, including:

  • Al Smith
  • Randy Grimes
  • Scott Miller
  • Judy Crane
  • Mike Walsh
  • Terra Holbrook
  • Kevin McCauley
  • Ben Seymore

These are only a few of the phenomenal speakers we’re hosting at the event. Each speaker brings with them experience and knowledge about the world of addiction treatment, all of which will be helpful for your addiction treatment center. They’ll also be able to answer questions at our Q&A forums. 

Continuing Education With Perspectives: A Time for Change

One of the most significant challenges of this coronavirus pandemic is that many treatment providers are unable to get their continuing education credits. Fortunately, when you attend the Perspectives: A Time for Change, you’ll have the chance to get 41.25 CMEs, CEs, or whatever mode of credits you require. These CEs are enduring, meaning that they are good for a lifetime. Simultaneously, there are 23.25 live CEs, meaning that they’re good for a specific amount of time. This event also partners with the Florida EAP, who is offering 13 additional credits for an extra charge. The videos will also be available for up to 30 days after the conference, so you can access anything that you missed due to timing. 

Our Exhibit Hall

One key part of an in-person conference is the exhibit hall. We’re still providing that at our Perspectives: A Time for Change event. You’ll have the chance to meet each of the exhibitors and the providers and discuss their business with them through videos, video interactions, and social media. It should feel like you’re attending the conference in person. 

We’ll also provide a contest where competitors will collect points by talking to vendors and learning more about them. We will award the contest winner with a three-day stay at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. 

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We want to help your behavioral health treatment center be as successful as possible during this pandemic and beyond. Our Perspectives: A Time for Change is an excellent way to manage that. In addition to our Perspectives events, we also provide a range of consulting services, including:

To learn more about this exciting event, please reach out to Southworth Associates today at 844.521.0523 or email [email protected].