Our Testimonials

I am thinking about the last 5+ months. Your intervention was such a life changing moment. I am so grateful that you were, at that moment, able to rush in like a whirlwind and save *****’s life. It is still a difficult path for *****, but he is persevering. Thank you for using your gifts of compassion, understanding and persuasion to move mountains. Thank you, *****

I am the mother of a 29 year old son who has been abusing alcohol for the past 14 years. Recently the episodes of binge drinking have come more frequent and his behavior was out of control. I am a good mom and a fantastic enabler. After the third crisis in a month, I realized I was as insane as the alcoholic! I was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and guess what, it was killing both of us. My son, attempted suicide and then decided to just stay in a drunken stupor, hoping to kill the pain of his life. I was frantic and had started hoping he would die, just so I could be free of the worry and financial strain. My therapist suggested I start looking at some long term programs with co-occurring treatment programs as my son has been to three thirty day programs over the last 14 years. I started a search and had three facilities in mind and one of them heard my story and recommended I get an interventionist. I was given three names. I called all three and the only one to answer immediately was John. I liked him so much, he was very understanding and non-judgmental but he was firm on the steps to take. As I shared with him, he gave me concrete instructions, because, like my addict, I have fogged my brain with denial. He made a recommendation for placement based on the information I gave him and from Friday morning at 9:10 a.m. until Monday evening at 5:00 p.m. when we had our run through intervention he and his staff was available. He was able to work with the treatment facility to discount their fee based on his fee which made me thankful. Tuesday morning we had the intervention, John was fantastic in handling the outbursts, keeping me quiet and within 30 minutes after it started, my son and John were on their way to treatment. I was posted throughout the day of the progress to the facility and was so relieved when the trip was over. John is going to support us after the initial treatment is over and will be involved with plans. The relief of not trying to juggle the balls and having someone else counsel and direct me is marvelous! Part of the contract with John, that is vital, is to send the primary enabler to a co-dependency program and I can honestly say I am looking forward to that part of my journey so that I have peace within my life and learn to live with my son again. I do not want to go back to the lifestyle I have been living and I can not control how my son will choose to live his life, but I can control mine. Thank you.

A little over a month ago John Southworth managed an intervention with results that were hoped for but unexpected. His personal but firm manner was instrumental in organizing as well as performing the intervention. Never frustrated, always helpful and without hardly noticing, in control. His background and experiences were extremely appropriate to our need and the rapport he and my son developed on our six hour drive was amazing. He has been available for any follow concerns and I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to recommend him and the services he provides.

Southworth and Associates was undeniably the best decision we made when confronting my sister’s drinking problem. The family knew that she needed help but didn’t have any knowledge about what steps to take and what resources were available. Southworth provided valuable information and gave direction to us in a stressful time. During the intervention, it helped to have a calm and experienced person leading the way. When we were too emotional and would have dropped the ball, John took over and got us to where we needed to be. We are all convinced that this process saved my sister’s life. There are not enough ways to express our gratitude. Thank you!
Boise, Idaho

I am forever in debt with Mr John Southworth. I have great respect towards him and no words will ever be enough to express my appreciation for the intervention which was accepted by him the same day i poured my heart out to him as i pleaded to him to please save my son from his addiction as i felt powerless from exhausting repeated episodes that had taken my beloved son. His comforting words were prompt and even included the airfare ticket. It was God’s answer to prayer after so many sleepless nights and many 911 calls of OD situations. I spoked to him on 6/6 and my son was flying on 6/11 exactly two days after his last 51/50. I am a grateful mother and thank God for Mr. Southworth. Without his intervention, i do not believe my son would have made it, neither would I. He is indeed an Angel on earth and thank him with all my heart.I am inspired to help humanity after such an act of kindness because the need is great. Thanks to you and personnel. God bless you all!
San Francisco, CA