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billing servicesBilling and utilization review is a major part of addiction and mental health treatment. It ensures that you get the funding to continue serving your clients and patients while also guaranteeing you and your staff members have money for bills and other living requirements. However, if you’re new to the addiction treatment community, you may not know how to manage this part of the process. Fortunately, with the utilization review and billing services at Southworth Associates, you can quickly learn how to complete this process in a straightforward way. As such, you’ll quickly get the payment you need to stay in business. To learn more about our consulting services, contact Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014

What is Utilization Review?

Insurance companies use the utilization review process to approve, authorize, or decline services. The purpose of this critical process is to screen and approve the patient’s services on a case by case basis. As a result, insurance companies will be able to standardize their approval criteria so that they only pay for services that are medically necessary throughout the treatment process. It also prevents fraud, fund waste, and the abuse of the process. 

As an addiction treatment center, you’re going to work closely with an array of insurance companies, so utilization review is a critical aspect of payment. In fact, utilization review is a good starting point where you can derive your addiction treatment center’s financial health. If you overlook or disregard this critical process, the utilization review can limit your treatment center’s ability to be profitable. It also can cause your client not to be able to access the treatment or stay as long as they need to because the insurance company will not pay for longer periods of treatment. 

How Our Utilization Review and Billing Services Can Help You

We realize that your addiction treatment center fights for the wellbeing of your clients and their loved ones. As such, you need to have a first-hand understanding of the ongoing struggles, successes, clinical cases, and long-term treatment plans of each client. In addition, you also need to know what symptoms meet the criteria of medical necessity. Otherwise, the insurance company may not pay for their treatment. 

At Southworth Associates, we provide our consultant clients with training and developing their utilization review policies. We also focus on helping your billing department communicate with your intake and admissions team so that each person understands the clinical and medical history behind each client’s case. Then, we can help you frame the ideal argument to communicate your patient’s needs to the insurance company. With this attention to detail and level of services, we can help you and your team effectively manage your clients’ treatment process. As such, we can make the billing services portion of treatment as simple as possible. 

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At Southworth Associates, our goal is to help your treatment center to work as cohesively and smoothly as possible. With the help of our utilization review and billing services, you can ensure that each client gets the coverage that they need and the treatment they require. We know that you want to provide the highest level of care for your clients. The utilization review process can ensure that you can provide this high level of care for longer periods of time. 

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