At Southworth Associates, we have been on all sides of addiction.  Many of our team are active in long-term recovery, had family members suffering from substance use disorders or both.  These experiences have fueled our passion for helping families move out of crisis, and into recovery.  Families often report feeling powerless to help their loved one, but you can help.  Intervention services were designed to empower families and motivate their loved one to accept the help they need. 

As one of the longest standing providers of intervention services, we understand how deeply substance use and mental health disorders affect the entire family.  It is for this reason; our intervention team provides education and resources as a standard practice, to ensure the entire family finds healing.  Just getting your loved one to treatment is the beginning of the process.  Southworth Associates allies themselves with families, spouses, friends and employers, to support the individual throughout the various stages of their recovery.

While individuals with substance use disorders suffer consequences related to their drug use, the family members and loved ones suffer along with them.  Sleepless nights, anticipating conflict or possible death, all take a toll on those who care about anyone with addiction or alcoholism.  At Southworth Associates, we provide peace of mind and solutions that have been proven in the field, for over 20 years.  We have helped thousands of families find hope and save their loved one’s life.

Family Systems

At Southworth Associates, we often compare families, with the links of a bicycle chain.  If part of the chain becomes impaired or weakened, the entire chain is a risk and often unable to move or function.  Just removing the impaired link, does not repair the function of the chain.  Intervention and family systems work is the process of repairing and performing upkeep on the entire chain.  

We understand firsthand, how traumatic it can be dealing with a loved one’s addiction, mental health conditions or drinking problem.  It is not uncommon for the family and friends to minimize their own suffering, compared to that of the person they are concerned about.  Families also report questioning their own judgement as it pertains to their love one’s behavior.  Thoughts or statements such as “I am blowing this out of proportion”, “I am overreacting”, “this is none of my business”, “he or she will grow out of this phase”, “there is nothing I can do” or “they have to want recovery” are all normal ways we as families try to make peace with the painful reality of their problems.  

How We Help Families

Southworth Associates integrates family education, phone support and ongoing compliance monitoring, to help families stop feeling like care managers and return to being families.  Families frequently tell us their loved one is highly resistant, unwilling to go to treatment and they aren’t sure an intervention will work.  We want to assure you, this is normal.  Most people struggling with substance use disorders cycle between willingness and resistance on a regular basis.  It is for this very reason; the process of intervention was created in the 60’s.  

The intervention process starts with the family or other concerned parties calling and speaking with one of our intervention staff.  We will gather more information; assess how we should proceed and provide clear recommendations for the callers.  From there we will provide phone support and planning for the intervention.  We will also perform a Bio-Psych-Social Evaluation, to gain a more complete picture of the individual and family we are helping.  This also helps us identify who should be involved in the intervention, the best treatment providers and resources for the individual in need and other vital factors.

Southworth Associates works closely with many of the nation’s leading treatment providers.  Whether your loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol use disorders, mental health concerns, sexual or gambling disorders, or unspecified behavioral problems, we can find the best providers to meet their needs.  Once we have assisted the family with finding appropriate providers, we will identify dates and coordinate logistic of the intervention.  

Upon arrival, we provide a Family Education and Preparation Meeting, prior to performing the intervention.  This helps the family feel confident, prepared and supported prior to undertaking the intervention.  Once the intervention is complete, we can transport your loved one to the pre-determined treatment center.  After the intervention, the interventionist is available to help answer questions that arise while the individual is in treatment.  We will also prepare post-treatment compliance monitoring for the individual upon their discharge from treatment.