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legal resourcesIt may not be easy to start your mental health or addiction treatment center without the help of legal resources services. These services provide specific intelligence about the industry, as well as the legal knowledge to navigate the challenges you may face in ensuring that your facility has the licensing and accreditation it needs. The addiction treatment industry is continually facing new laws to ensure your patients are safe, and the insurance companies are not taken advantage of. 

Today, addiction treatment facilities face a range of regulations that keep your staff, your patients, and your facility as a whole safe. We can help you navigate these regulations to ensure that you’re not breaking any laws. Contact Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014 to learn more about our legal resources services.

The Importance of Legal Resources Services

As employer-based lawsuits are quickly developing each year, let our attorney coach your management team on preventing them. Your company may also need assistance with legal issues that have already arisen. In both cases, we can help!

Furthermore, some of the most detrimental and costly mistakes that your addiction treatment center start-up can make are with regard to the laws surrounding addiction treatment. The state and national governments have regulations relating to your documented processes, policies, and licensing. Without proper assistance, you may face a range of consequences, ranging from paying fines to facing jail time. As such, it’s critical to be aware of the laws that you’re under when you decide to open your addiction treatment center

Furthermore, you should seek out legal resources that mainly deal with those in the addiction treatment community. With the help of these services, you can circumvent any legal pitfalls that you may be in danger of encountering. You can also ensure that the road to opening your addiction treatment center goes as smoothly as possible. 

What Legal Resources Are Available?

When you’re looking for legal resources services, there is a range of options available at Southworth Associates. For instance, one of our most helpful legal services is our utilization review and billing services. With this service, we ensure that you’re meeting your legal obligation to the patient and communicating the treatment options to the insurance companies. As a result, you can avoid any legal entanglements with insurance companies while also providing the care that your patients need. 

In addition to our billing services, we also offer accreditation services. You want your addiction treatment center to be able to satisfy the legal obligations that it needs to meet to attain Joint Commission and CARF accreditation. We can help you achieve this goal. With these accreditations, you can ensure your patients get the proper assistance. 

Another useful legal resource we offer is policy and procedure development. Our expert professionals will help you personalize a detailed employee handbook for your company. We’ll also ensure that all of your policies and procedures help your company avoid lawsuits and your employees to be successful. 

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When you reach out to Southworth Associates, you’ll find that our consultation services provide the knowledge and understanding that your treatment center needs to be successful. In addition to our legal resources services, we also offer a range of reliable services, including:

We want to ensure that your addiction and mental health treatment center is successful. By utilizing our legal resources, you are one step closer to this goal. To learn more about the benefits of using our legal resources services, reach out to Southworth Associates today by calling us at (866) 460-9014