When your loved one is battling an addiction, it can be challenging to know where to turn. You may not know how to help your friend or family member or what your first steps should be. Our team can help. At Southworth Associates, we provide the answers to help your loved one get the treatment they need. Our intervention support and addiction recovery services in Idaho can help you communicate your loved one’s need to get treatment. For more information about Southworth Associates, contact our team today at (866) 460-9014

About Southworth Associates

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Southworth Associates was founded in 1998 by John Southworth to provide consulting, intervention, and monitoring services to citizens of Boise, Idaho, and the surrounding areas. Since that time, the company has grown to provide intervention services, private and professional monitor throughout the country and world.  Since John’s passing in 2017, Benjamin Seymour and Chad Grimm have made it their mission to uphold the legacy of John’s vision.  Like John, Ben, and Chad have a long history in treating substance abuse and mental health conditions, they are uniquely qualified to offer these services. The rest of his team also has been in the field of mental health and addiction treatment. As a result, they also understand the unique challenges that those who battle these conditions face.

When Southworth Associates was initially founded, it was meant to help facilitate interventions and provide assistance for Physicians in the state of Idaho. However, since the founding, our team has grown to monitor an array of different licensed professionals in the medical and legal field and private citizens, facilitating their recovery through six unique programs. We currently perform interventions regularly, alongside our extensive network of intervention specialists. Our intervention and addiction recovery services are available to individuals both in the state of Idaho, across the country, and world.

What Are Intervention and Addiction Recovery Services?

Our intervention and addiction recovery services help family members of those addicted to drugs, alcohol, and specific habits. With our intervention services, you can convince your loved one that their addiction causes damage to their lives and that they need to seek treatment. 

Most people who struggle with addiction cling to the idea that they can end addiction by themselves. However, this expectation is usually unrealistic. In most cases, the person promises that they will control their substance use or remain sober, but they’re unable to do so independently. For long term sobriety to occur, an intervention may be necessary. 

If a person is addicted to compulsive or damaging behaviors, completing that behavior may overshadow everything else in their life. Attaining the high becomes the central part of their life, making that their primary motivation in life. Their focus may entirely be on how they’re going to get the drugs or when they can next take the substance. As a result, their responsibilities may fall to the wayside. In many cases, they may also begin developing mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety. These conditions also need to be addressed for the person to live a healthy and normal life. Whether your loved one is battling an addiction, it’s critical to seek intervention and addiction recovery services before the condition worsens. 

If you want your intervention to succeed, it is best to seek out the services and guidance of a neutral third party, such as Southworth Associates. Your intervention can succeed with our assistance, which can mean that your loved one can get the treatment they deserve. After the intervention, we’ll help you pair your loved one with a trusted rehab center, so you don’t have to worry about the next steps.

Get Intervention Services with Southworth Associates

At Southworth Associates, we strive to give you the support you need to help your loved one. We offer a broad range of intervention services, including:

Your loved one doesn’t have to live with addiction any longer. Reach out to Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014 to learn more about our interventionist and addiction recovery services in Idaho.