addiction recoveryWhen a doctor, pilot, or lawyer leaves an addiction treatment program, they receive extra amounts of monitoring and support. Having these extra layers of accountability ensures that they have someone to lean on and talk to if they’re afraid that they will relapse. Now, imagine every patient leaving treatment received the same post-treatment monitoring support that licensed professionals get. At Southworth Associates, we have designed our recovery enhancement programs, or REP, to do just that. Our addiction recovery and long-term recovery programs can benefit you or your loved one significantly. To learn more, please reach out to our team today by calling (866) 460-9014

Why are Recovery Enhancement Programs Necessary? 

Because addiction is an isolating and challenging condition, those who battle substance abuse may struggle to connect to the people around them. During an addiction recovery program, the treatment experts help the person battling an addiction to connect with their friends and family members. They’ll also connect with the other people in recovery, providing that extra layer of accountability. However, once they leave treatment, they don’t necessarily have to report to anyone, which can leave them open to relapse. It’s critical to seek a form of aftercare or compliance monitoring to ensure that the individual stays sober for long periods of time. 

Statistically, we know, compliance monitoring provides the accountability and evidence clients need after treatment. While recovery is often seen as an internal battle, there are significant external factors as well. As such, monitoring provides the external recovery motivation your loved one may require for long-term sobriety. Simply put, we’ve designed our recovery enhancement program to make post-treatment monitoring affordable and available for everyone who needs it.

What Does a Recovery Enhancement Program Do?

While each person’s situation is different, we follow several intrinsic steps to ensure that your loved one gets the monitoring they require. First, one of our team members will contact the client’s treatment program (when applicable) to review post-treatment recommendations and continuing care plans. Once that is complete, we will implement a detailed Compliance Monitoring Contract. This document is a tool that protects open communication within the family and amongst all supporting parties.

Each family is then assigned a REP Compliance Officer, who will design and implement a Family Recovery Plan. This plan establishes boundaries, communication, and clear expectations related to recovery and relapse.

To monitor your loved one’s sobriety and adherence to the Compliance Monitoring Contract, we will locate a laboratory near you. We can implement this step anywhere in the US and most of Europe. Once we’ve located the laboratory, we’ll initiate randomized and regular drug/alcohol testing. In addition, we realize that addiction can be linked to mental health conditions in some situations. Therefore, we will also ensure that your loved one is complying with the medication regimen that their doctor or mental health professional has prescribed. 

We’ve found that in most cases, 12 step-based programs are ideal for helping individuals stay sober. As such, we will engage 12-step based monitoring and ensure that your loved one has access to a 12-step sponsor. 

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At Southworth Associates, our goal is to provide your loved one with the support and accountability they need to stay sober. We will regularly report their progress to you and the rest of the support network to ensure that you know what is going on in your loved one’s life. 

Our addiction recovery programs are only part of what makes Southworth Associates unique. We also provide a range of other services, including:

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