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admissions trainingFor many people struggling with addiction, it’s individualized treatment is an essential part of treatment. As a result, the right diagnosis is critical for proper treatment. Therefore, providing admissions training services for your staff members and clinicians is equally vital. When your staff members know what signs to look for and what programs should be available for each client, they’ll feel more prepared for working with the clients. Our consulting services are proud to provide the training services that your team members need. To learn more about our admissions training services, contact Southworth Associates today by calling our team at (866) 460-9014

The Goal of Admissions Training Services

With the help of admissions training, your team members will be able to provide information to potential clients about your treatment center, possible treatment plans, and other programs available. During the admissions calls, they also need to be able to determine what level of care the patient requires and conduct individual assessments. While this process can seem overwhelming, we can take the uncertainty out of this assignment with our admissions training services. In addition, we’ll also assist with teaching a range of other day-to-day tasks, such as:

  • Learning how to verify insurance coverage
  • Assist clients in finding the appropriate funding for treatment if insurance is not available
  • Scheduling each client for admission and coordinating each admission with the appropriate team members
  • Acting as a resource for those requiring admittance to the addiction treatment center
  • Conducting tours of the treatment center for potential addiction treatment clients and their families
  • Responding to inquiries on the phone and other correspondence methods about the addiction treatment center. 
  • Compiling admissions statistics and submitting them to management staff
  • Providing clients’ insurance coverage information to other members of the team to ensure the continuity of care

What Should Happen During a Typical Admission?

Rehab admissions will begin with the client contacting your addiction treatment center and asking about your residential or outpatient addiction treatment program. With the help of our admissions training, your team will ask the correct questions about the patient’s mental and physical health. They should also inquire about any underlying conditions that might require dual diagnosis treatment. On the whole, your goal during admissions is to determine what treatments are necessary to provide the healing the client needs. 

Of course, there will be times when the admissions process doesn’t go to plan. That’s why it’s so critical to provide admissions training services. With these services, your team will know how to deal with any unexpected circumstances. 

Your financial situation will also be in good hands when you use our admissions training services alongside our utilization review and billing services. We’ll ensure that your staff knows how to take down insurance information properly and submit the treatment plans for review. 

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At Southworth Associates, we provide expert-level consulting services to those in the mental health and addiction treatment industry. Our admissions training services’ goal is the same as the goal behind every consulting service we offer: to ensure your addiction treatment center is as successful as possible. To assist in that goal, we provide a wide array of services, including:

Your addiction treatment team should know how to approach any situation that they encounter during the admissions process. Our training services can be extremely beneficial and can ensure that your team members have the tools they need at their disposal. To learn more about the benefits of our admissions training services, reach out to Southworth Associates today by calling (866) 460-9014.