professional programsMany professional individuals, such as doctors, lawyers, or nurses, are at an extremely high risk of developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol. In such cases, it’s critical to get support from professional programs. These networks provide support and recovery tips for professionals in a wide array of fields. To learn more about professional programs in Idaho, reach out to Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014

What Are Professional Programs?

Professional programs, such as the Physician Recovery Network and the Lawyer Assistance Program, are confidential alternatives to formal disciplinary action. The state of Idaho offers several forms of these programs. Also, no professional has to participate in the programs, and they are not a form of disciplinary action. 

The goal of these professional programs is to facilitate the identification and rehabilitation of professionals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many professionals are at risk for or have one or more addictions and may also be suffering from a variety of conditions, including:

  • Behavioral health conditions
  • Functional impairment
  • Mental health issues
  • Chemical dependency or abuse

Professional programs operate in a manner that is consistent with laws and policies in the State of Idaho. Therefore, they can provide a safe and supportive environment for these individuals to recover from their conditions. 

What Are the Goals of Professional Programs?

The purpose of professional programs is to assist individuals and their families in their ability to identify drug or alcohol dependencies that may be a potential threat to the professional or their loved ones. Once an individual has identified the problem, the professional program will facilitate acute treatment. It will also be available for long-term support for the professional to return to a productive place within their profession. The professional programs do support and endorse the local development of self-help groups, but they do not provide direct treatment, counseling, or aftercare services. 

These professional programs are an excellent resource for professionals, as well as their families, colleagues, and friends. Research shows that disciplinary actions don’t necessarily intervene in the progression of addiction. However, individualized addiction treatment can be an effective method of treatment for professionals and society at large. Our professional programs provide opportunities for the individual to get the treatment they need and recover from addiction early in the disease. Professional programs can also lessen the negative impacts on the individual, their patients or clients, and their family members and friends.  

Track Options for Professional Programs

The professional programs that we support monitor participants while they’re receiving treatment and in recovery. In addition, our professional programs advocate for the individual to continue working, as long as there is documentation of addiction recovery and abstinence. 

We offer two treatment tracks for professional programs. The first track option is self-referral. In such cases, the impaired professional is referred to the professional programs by a friend or loved one. Alternatively, they may refer themselves to the treatment program. However, they do not have official orders or stipulations that the state of Idaho has drafted against them. 

During the second track, they are referred to our program by the state board of medicine, law, or dentistry. In that case, the State of Idaho has drafted formal stipulations and orders for the addicted professional. Part of those stipulations or orders will include a requirement that the individual is under contract and must maintain compliance with the professional program. 

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If your loved one has an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or specific processes, they are not alone. Southworth Associates provides interventionist and professional programs for a range of people. Our professional programs include:

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