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sober transportWhen your loved one has agreed to get the addiction treatment they need, the next step is to choose a treatment center. Ideally, you should be involved in choosing the treatment center. You don’t want your loved one to attend a treatment program that is too easy or won’t address the addiction’s root cause. You also need to consider how your loved one is going to get to their chosen addiction treatment center. In many cases, getting to an addiction treatment center or transitioning to another addiction treatment center can be stressful. In some cases, your loved one can face many challenges, some of which can trigger their substance use. Fortunately, with the help of sober transport in Boise, ID, it can reduce the stress of this challenge. To learn about the sober transportation services that Southworth Associates provides, contact our team today at (866) 460-9014

How Does Sober Transport Work?

Our sober transport services mean that our team will work out how your loved one will get to your chosen addiction treatment center. We will help your loved one avoid stressors, such as passing by an airport bar or carrying medication. We will also ensure that they are not alone if they have to endure long travel times or any unexpected traveling delays. If they have someone at their side when they face these challenges, they can feel more hopeful and more willing to work towards a successful recovery. 

Our transportation services are wide-ranging. If you decide that you want your loved one to attend a treatment center out of state, we’ll take care of the plane reservations. We’ll also arrange for overnight accommodations and plan for multi-day transportation challenges. No matter how far your loved one needs to travel or how long it will take, our experts will stay by their side. 

Seeking Transport Services Alongside Interventions

While our transport services are fantastic, in most cases, they come in alongside one or more of our other services. For instance, we proudly offer intervention services to our clients. In many cases, the loved ones of someone with an addiction don’t know how to approach the problem. Their loved one may have manipulated them into paying for their living arrangements, food, or even more drugs or alcohol. The family or loved ones may struggle with guilt or shame due to their inability to stop the addiction. 

Fortunately, with intervention services, you don’t have to approach your loved one’s addiction alone. One of our team will meet with you and your family members and walk you through the intervention process. We’ll also help you choose a treatment center that will provide comprehensive addiction treatment. We offer a range of intervention services, including:

Furthermore, once the intervention process is over, one of our other team members will arrange for transport services and escort your loved one to your chosen treatment center. Our goal throughout the process is to give you the education and support that you need, while simultaneously helping your loved one get the treatment they need. 

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Your loved one doesn’t have to face the challenges of seeking addiction treatment alone. With our addiction recovery and support programs, we can give your loved one the support he or she needs. For instance, once your loved one has completed their recovery programs, we also provide sober coaching and sober companion services. Don’t let your loved one struggle with addiction any longer. Reach out to Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014 to learn more about our addiction intervention and sober transport in Boise, ID, and across the world.