Southworth Associates dedicates itself to helping families, individuals, companies, and communities better understand substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and other behavioral health disorders. Therefore, our team is proud to provide educational presentations at request. If you’re a healthcare provider, family in crisis, organization, or anyone seeking more education around these challenging topics, we can help. Reach out to Southworth Associates at (866) 460-9014 today for more information about addiction education in Idaho and across the world.  

Addiction Education Videos

In many cases, people don’t understand addiction. To assist in this knowledge gap, we have created this library to provide valuable education about various topics relating to addiction intervention. We also offer information about our other services and general education around behavioral health. Please take some time and review our content.  

What is Addiction?

Much of society misunderstands addiction in society at large. 

Today, thanks to neuroimaging, biomarkers, and other scientific breakthroughs, we now know that addiction is a brain disease. Specifically, addiction is stress-induced dysregulation within the survival part of the brain. It causes limited executive functioning within the rational, decision making part of the brain. The person’s brain craves the behavior or substance because of the high that the addiction causes. The desire for that craving drives out every other thought in a person’s mind. 

As time wears on, the person’s addiction can interfere with their day-to-day life. In most cases, the person’s addiction gets worse as time goes on, which can lead to severe health consequences and other complications. While you might see that there’s a problem, your loved one may not recognize the challenges they’re facing. In addition, even if your loved one gets treatment, they may be at risk of relapse without the right aftercare and support services. As a result, in addition to providing addiction education, we also offer a range of services, including:

We’ve designed all of our services to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind you need to be confident in their recovery. 

Types of Addiction

People can develop addictions to a range of things. One of the most well-known things that people develop addictions to are drugs and alcohol. These substances are hazardous. They can cause significant health complications, such as liver damage, heart damage, and exposure to STIs and other blood-borne pathogens. In addition, because they essentially rewire the brain and can trigger withdrawal symptoms, it is challenging, and sometimes dangerous, to quit without professional assistance. 

In addition to substances, there are other things a person can develop an addiction to, unfortunately. For instance, in addition to drugs and alcohol, people can develop process addictions, which are compulsions to engage in specific behaviors. The person may engage in these behaviors, even if it brings emotional, mental, or physical consequences. Examples of process addictions may include:

While these addictions don’t necessarily have the same physical consequences, they can still lead to extreme future challenges. 

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It doesn’t matter what type of addiction that your loved one is battling. Our intervention services can help you convince them to get treatment. Southworth Associates often provides education content, specifically targeted to the chosen audience. Whether we are providing online education for CMEs, in-person lectures, or family education sessions, our presentations help neutralize misinformation. We’ll also introduce empathy for addicted individuals. 

Don’t let the stigma or mystery surrounding your loved one’s addiction hold you back from helping them get help. Contact us for more information about our addiction education presentations or to schedule our intervention services.