rehab insuranceWhen you’re trying to encourage your loved one to seek addiction treatment, one aspect that you may be struggling with is paying for treatment. Whether you’re using a form of insurance or trying to pay for it out of pocket, you have a few decisions to make. Your insurance may vary significantly on the benefits that it offers, so it’s critical to call your insurance provider to ensure that you understand your options. When you work with our interventionist services, our team members will work with you to determine what your rehab insurance options are. For assistance finding an addiction treatment center where insurances are accepted, reach out to Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014

What You Need to Know About Paying For Treatment

One of the main reasons that people do not seek treatment is because they’re afraid of the cost of addiction treatment. Fortunately, today’s insurance companies have to cover some level of addiction treatment. In fact, due to the Affordable Care Act, they must cover mental health and behavioral health conditions, such as addiction, in the same way they do traditional medical conditions, like diabetes or heart conditions. This coverage is a critical step that our country has made toward reducing the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health conditions.

Today, many experts understand that addiction is a mental health condition and recognizes this disease’s psychiatric and physical health effects. Your insurance company comes when you and your loved ones are healthy. They will not be profitable if your loved one’s health deteriorates due to the chronic health issues that their addiction causes. Therefore, paying for treatment can profit them in the long run. 

Options for Paying for Treatment

Today, there is a range of insurance options available to those seeking addiction treatment. For instance, private and public health insurance may cover some inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses, depending on your loved one’s addiction. 

When you’ve determined that your loved one requires addiction treatment, you may need to talk to your health insurance provider. They can help you determine what portion of your loved one’s addiction treatment your insurance policy will cover. Your interventionist can also work with you to find a treatment program that your insurance plan will partially or wholly cover. 

Figuring out the insurances accepted at your loved one’s treatment center is a critical concern today because paying for treatment isn’t cheap. However, if you don’t have insurance, you need to consider other payment methods. Fortunately, there is a range of ways to finance your loved one’s treatment. Your payment options may include:

  • Payment plans: You can find a treatment program that allows you to pay your loved one’s treatment off each month.
  • Sliding scale: Some treatment facilities offer reduced prices based on your family’s income level.
  • Rehab scholarships: Certain individual rehab programs and large government organizations can provide scholarships to help your loved one pay for treatment.
  • Loans: Your bank may allow you to take out a private loan to help you and your family to pay for addiction treatment
  • Credit cards: You may be able to pay for your loved one’s addiction treatment using your credit cards if you have good credit.
  • Crowdfunding websites: Some websites, such as YouHelp or GoFundMe, will help you raise money for addiction treatment from donors.

Our interventionist services will help you find a treatment program and help you find rehab payment options. 

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