addiction treatmentAt Southworth Associates, we believe that drug abuse and addiction intervention is the first step in overcoming an addiction. All of our drug interventions are performed by one of our experienced interventionists, all of whom have treated drug addictions worldwide. Unlike other interventions, Southworth Associates’ drug intervention style is firm but compassionate, and above all else, non-adversarial. Our goal is to help you encourage your loved one to seek addiction treatment. 

We’ve designed our drug interventions to help raise the bottom for the individual and compel them to seek the appropriate treatment. Our interventionists will eliminate the guilt between the individual and family that once hindered the recovery process. We help heal the family as much as the individual. In fact, our interventionists will provide everyone affected with recommendations and suggestions for long-term recovery. Give us a call today to find out more about our drug addiction and abuse interventions. We want to help your loved one get started in treatment. For more rehab information, reach out to Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014.  

Learn More About Our Intervention Process

Before we can help your loved one get started in treatment, you may need to host an intervention first. When you reach out to us, we’ll do a quick evaluation of your situation. Then, one of our team members will come to your location and help you through the next step. We can help you write the intervention letters and walk you through the process we’ll implement during the intervention. We’ll also help you create strong and healthy boundaries so that you do not become an enabler in the future. 

One of our team members will work with you and mediate the intervention process. Having an interventionist at your side means that your intervention has a better chance of being successful. It also means that your intervention will stay on topic and not dissolve into an argument. 

If the intervention is successful, our team members will arrange for transportation to your chosen treatment center. We will also escort your loved one to the treatment center, alleviating the trip’s stress and anxiety for your loved one. 

What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like?

In most cases, addiction treatment will start with a stay in a detox facility. Your loved one can then move to an inpatient addiction treatment center, where they can learn coping mechanisms and relapse prevention skills. These treatments can ensure that your loved one will be able to stay sober in the long run. If necessary, they can then move to a partial hospitalization treatment program and then on to an intensive outpatient treatment center. The result of engaging in these treatment programs is that your loved one will be able to stay sober for longer periods of time.

Reach Out to Southworth Associates Today 

When you reach out to our intervention services, you’ll find that we’re next to you every step of the way. We’ll help you through the addiction treatment process and encourage your loved one to get the support they need. We also offer a range of service options to help them maintain their sobriety, including:

If you have any questions about the process, would like to intervene on behalf of someone you know, or are seeking help for yourself, please contact us. We are happy to explain in detail the process, help with any planning that may be necessary, and assist you and the people you know in the battle with addiction. We are here to talk anytime, with no obligation. Contact us today at (866) 460-9014 to learn more.