addiction treatment for nursesThe Program for Recovering Nurses (PRN) is a confidential alternative to formal disciplinary action offered by the Idaho Board of Nursing. This program monitors impaired nurses suffering from chemical abuse or dependency, mental health issues, or behavioral problems. The PRN works in conjunction with the Idaho State Board of Nursing. It assists in the education of nurses and employers regarding provisions of the Nursing Practice Act. Furthermore, it provides a safe environment in a health care setting.

The Board believes that nurses who acknowledge that their addiction or mental health conditions are hurting their ability to provide care. These nurses are actively engaged in recognized recovery methods and do not represent a threat to the public. As such, we believe they should be allowed to continue practicing nursing. In order to ensure public safety, the Board supports monitoring of these nurses outside of the process of a formal disciplinary investigation. They also want to ensure the support of recovery and prevention of relapse. For more information about our recovery and addiction treatment for nurses, contact Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014.

The Purpose of the Program for Recovering Nurses

The program’s purpose is to assist nurses and their families in identifying alcohol, drug, or behavioral problems that pose a potential threat to that nurse, the family, or the patients. This program will help identify and facilitate acute treatment and provide long-term support for the nurse to return to a productive place within the profession. While the program provides no direct counseling, treatment, or aftercare services, it supports the development of local self-help groups.

Why is the Program for Recovering Nurses Necessary?

The PRN is a resource for nurses, their families, colleagues, and other affiliates. Disciplinary action does little to intervene in the addiction process. In fact, it may frequently be counterproductive to the identification and professional reintegration. The treatment has proven to be effective for both the individual and society. Our recovery network provides nurses an opportunity to enter into treatment and recover from their diseases early in the disease process. Furthermore, the PRN can serve to minimize negative impacts on the nurses, patients, and their families and friends.

The Program for Recovering Nurses receives financial and staff support from the Board for Nursing, and individual nurses enrolled in the program. Enrolled nurses are responsible for many of the treatment and recovery costs, including costs related to assessment, hospitalization, counseling, aftercare, random testing, and others. We also offer other services, including:

  • Confidential Consultation
  • Interventions
  • Assessment
  • Referrals
  • Recovery Monitoring – The PRN program monitors participants while in treatment and recovery.
  • Relapse Management
  • Education and Research
  • Consulting resource for Idaho Hospitals, medical staff, and organizations
  • Support Resource
  • Advocacy – The PRN advocates for the right to continue working when there is documentation of abstinence and recovery from chemical dependency.

Recovery Program Tracks

There are three tracks of our Program for Recovering Nurses. The first track is the self-referral track. In this case, the nurse seeks treatment and monitoring on his/her own behalf. The second track is the non‐board referral. In this case, the nurse has not been reported to the Board of Nursing for violation of the Nursing Practice Act or Rules. The nurse or an agent of the nurse (employer, colleague, family member, etc.) contacts the PRN for assistance. The nurse agrees to enter treatment and signs a contract for monitoring.

The final track is the board referral track. In this case, a formal complaint has been filed with the Board of Nursing. As a result, the nurse voluntarily surrenders his/her license to the Board and has admitted to a disability relating to substance use or mental health disorder. The nurse waives the right to a hearing, agrees to enter treatment, and signs a contract for monitoring.

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At Southworth Associates, we want to give nurses and other professionals the tools they need to maintain their recovery. We offer a range of services, including:

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