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drug rehab licensingJust like any other healthcare facility, substance abuse and mental health treatment providers must fulfill specific qualifications to be licensed to provide treatment. However, determining if your facility is meeting all of those qualifications each day can seem complicated. With the help of our consulting services at Southworth Associates, we can help make the process clearer and more straightforward. We’re proud to assist with the drug rehab licensing process and other aspects of your treatment facility.

Southworth Associates is a consulting service based in Idaho, but we provide treatment across the world. Our experts are available to help you and your team be the best that you can be. To learn more about our consulting services or contact us about our drug rehab licensing services, call us today at (866) 460-9014

Our Drug Rehab Licensing Services

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers of nearly any size usually contain four individual components: operational, physical, financial, and clinical. Our team can assist in helping you manage and improve aspects of each of these components, ensuring that you’re meeting the industry standards. Furthermore, we provide training and program development services to ensure that your staff members know how to deal with any situation they may encounter. 

Southworth Associates offers our clients extensive knowledge and expertise pertaining to the mental health and addiction treatment industry. We’ll provide individualized models to make sure your program meets your clients’ unique needs. We offer our consulting services in day-to-day management, as well as short-term and long-term services.

In addition, we use a series of exemplary care models to serve the organizations we work with throughout the substance abuse and mental health care industry. 

Southworth Associates provides complete Accreditation Compliance for The Joint Commission, CARF, and State Licensure. We provide these services for substance use and mental health providers. We are able to bring detoxification, hospital, outpatient, and case management providers into compliance. We can assist existing or new providers in complete compliance consulting. These consulting services include: 

  • Clinical audits
  • Physical plant site visits
  • HR and employee compliance
  • State-specific compliance issues

With the help of our services, your team members will be able to operate at peak capacity as they meet national care standards. 

What Does Southworth Associates Offer?

When you contact us about our drug rehab licensing services, we’ll provide seasoned members of the addiction treatment community to work with you. They’ll bring specific plans that we’ve designed to ensure that your facility meets the qualifications that organizations such as the Joint Commission have put in place. Each member of our consulting team has experience in the world of addiction treatment. As such, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll have the expertise necessary to get your treatment facility ready to serve patients and clients. In the past, we have worked with facilities to provide drug rehab licensing services, in addition to other consulting services, including:

In addition, you’ll become part of our addiction treatment network, meaning that you have other addiction treatment centers to reach out to for assistance. 

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At Southworth Associates, we know that people work better together than they do apart. Therefore, we’ve designed our addiction treatment consulting services to ensure that each of our clients can successfully attain drug rehab licensure. Together, we can address the addiction epidemic that is sweeping the nation. 

Don’t let the process surrounding drug rehab licensing become so confusing that you lose sight of your treatment facility’s goal. To learn more about our services, reach out to Southworth Associates today by calling our team at (866) 460-9014