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strategic hiringMost experienced addiction treatment centers know that they need to attract and hire experienced team members to be successful. Unfortunately, traditional hiring methods, such as posting your job on a career site or job board, can limit your results. It’s critical to hire strategically so that you understand how your new hires can define the ability of your treatment center to be successful. With our strategic hiring services, you can rely on our team to grow your business and ensure its success. To learn how our hiring strategy can make a difference in your treatment center, reach out to Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014

Defining Strategic Hiring

Perhaps you’re trying to fill the position of detox specialist at your addiction treatment center. You’ve had the role in your team for many years, and you’ve had several employees in this role with varying degrees of success. Without strategic hiring, you may find yourself struggling to fill this position, and, when you do, the staff member may not have the skills or stay with the company as you’d hoped they would. However, if you choose to use our hiring strategy services, our team will take the time to examine what the position requires. We will also talk to each person involved in the hiring process and help them agree on what criteria they will be looking for while we’re interviewing. 

Best of all, we don’t rush this decision. We do all of this before the position is open, so you don’t have to scramble for a new hire. Instead, we make a tactical decision, making the hiring process an integral part of your company’s future. This decision focuses on what your needs will be tomorrow and what skills your employees will require in the future to do their job to the best of their abilities. 

What Happens During Strategic Hiring?

When you first decide to use a hiring strategy, you need to determine how the role you’re hiring for will join with existing and future business needs. We’ll help you determine what your business needs and how the position you’re hiring for can help you promote your business goals and assist your existing staff members. For instance, we’ll help you talk to the staff members who already work for your company and discuss what an ideal employee would look like in this role. We’ll also talk to your staff to learn what problems your new staff member will need to solve and the services and financial circumstances they will need to work through. 

Then, our team members will work with you to identify the attitudes, skills, experience, and background that you want your new candidate to have. We may also talk to former employees and coworkers who worked in similar roles to determine what traits were detrimental or valuable to the position. In doing so, we’ll work with each member to ensure that the job has been filled to the advantage of each staff member and client at your addiction treatment center.


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It’s critical to find the right team members to work at your addiction treatment center. With our strategic hiring services, you can attain this goal and do so much more. To learn more about our hiring strategy, contact Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014