addiction treatment for physiciansIn many cases, doctors, nurse practitioners, and physicians at the highest risk of developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. In that event, it is critical to reach out to the Physician Recovery Network to get support and addiction treatment for physicians. To learn more about the recovery options available, contact Southworth Associates today. 

What is the Physician Recovery Network?

The Physician Recovery Network (PRN) is a confidential, non-coercive, and non-punitive alternative to formal disciplinary action offered by the Idaho State Board of Medicine. The PRN is a program to facilitate prevention, identification, intervention, and rehabilitation for Idaho physicians or physician assistants. These individuals have or are at risk for developing an addiction, and may be suffering from a range of issues, including: 

  • Functional impairment
  • Suffering from chemical abuse or dependency
  • Mental health issues
  • Behavioral problems

The PRN works in a manner consistent with the laws and medical practice acts of the State of Idaho. As such, it is able to provide a safe environment in a medical setting and in conjunction with the Idaho Medical Association.

Purpose of the Physician Recovery Network

The program’s purpose is to assist professionals and their families in identifying alcohol, drug, or behavioral problems that pose a potential threat to that professional or their loved ones. The PRN will work to identify and facilitate acute treatment. It will also provide long-term support for the professional to return to a productive place within his/her profession. The program provides no direct counseling, treatment, or aftercare services. However, it does support and endorses the development of self-help groups at the local level.

The PRN is a resource for professionals, their families, colleagues, and other affiliates. Disciplinary action does little to intervene in the disease process. However, treatment has proven to be effective for both the individual and society. This program provides physicians with an opportunity to enter into treatment and recover from their diseases early in the process. Furthermore, the PRN can minimize negative impacts on the professionals, patients/clients, and their families and friends.

Research on Addiction Treatment for Physicians

In the past, research has shown that physicians generally manage much better than the general populace after addiction treatment. Although they may need certain accommodations, most physicians can return to work without returning to drug use. In the future, most of the time, they’re able to lead productive lives. As a result, many experts have suggested that drug screening and the PHP treatment approach should be standard parts of care for all people who may have an addiction, not just physicians.

How the PRN Helps Physicians Battling Addiction

The PRN program monitors participants while they’re in treatment and recovery. Furthermore, the PRN advocates for the right to continue working when there is documentation of abstinence and addiction recovery. We also offer two unique treatment tracks. 

The first treatment track is self-referral. In this case, an impaired physician or physician assistant may be referred to the PRN program. This person does not have official stipulations and orders as drafted by the Idaho State Board of Medicine. They can be referred in person or by an agent of the physician/physician assistant (family member, colleague, friend, or employer).

Alternatively, we may utilize the Board of Medicine referral. In such cases, the Idaho State Board of Medicine will draft a formal Stipulations and Orders for the impaired physician. Part of the Stipulations and Orders will include a requirement to be under contract and maintain compliance with the PRN Program.

Reach Out to Southworth Associates 

If your loved one has an addiction, it’s critical to remember that they are not alone. At Southworth Associates, we provide interventionist and education services for physicians and other professionals. Our services include:

  • Confidential consultation
  • Interventions
  • Assessment
  • Referrals
  • Recovery Monitoring 
  • Relapse Management
  • Education and Research
  • Consulting resource for Idaho Hospitals, medical staff, and organizations
  • Support Resource
  • Advocacy

Reach out to Southworth Associates today at (866) 460-9014 for more information about your treatment options.