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interventionistIf your loved one is demonstrating a pattern of destructive life choices, such as substance abuse or other forms of addiction, change is necessary. Intervention can be a starting point of this change. Fortunately, our team of interventionists is standing by to help you and your loved ones through this process. It’s critical to reach out to professional interventionist services to learn how to stage an intervention and to ensure its success. At Southworth Associates, we’re proud to provide these services to people in Boise, ID, and across the country. To learn more about what an interventionist is and how we can help you and your loved ones, contact our team today at (866) 460-9014

What is an Interventionist? 

An interventionist is a person who helps family members and loved ones stage an intervention. They can help identify the appropriate members of the recovery team and assist that team in walking through the intervention process. Because the recovery team will enable the person battling an addiction to find treatment and enter recovery, creating the appropriate team is critical. Furthermore, an interventionist will support, educate, and provide guidance during the intervention process. They will help the recovery team and the family create healthy boundaries and learn that it is okay to say no to a person battling addiction. 

At Southworth Associates, we know that staging an intervention is critical to the long-term recovery of the addicted individual. Therefore, having someone on your side with a high level of education, training, and experience in the process is a valuable tool. Many people who are battling addiction may be reluctant to address the problem. In some cases, they may not even admit that there is a problem. When a family member or loved one is reluctant to enter treatment, working with an interventionist and creating a therapeutic relationship with them can be extremely beneficial. With our team members, you have a network of people you can rely on for support and collaboration throughout the intervention and the following recovery process. 

Does Staging an Intervention Work?

In most cases, staging an intervention is an effective way of convincing your loved one to get the treatment that they need. However, the person’s willingness to work towards and maintain a sober lifestyle is entirely up to the amount of effort that the person puts forth, as well as the effort of their recovery team. 

Staging the intervention is a process that allows you to get support and education about the person’s condition. It will change the family system, regardless of whether your loved one decides to get treatment or not. In many cases, it shows you and your family members that it’s okay to put boundaries into place, which is rarely a bad thing. 

It’s critical, however, to realize that an intervention isn’t an arena to attack, condemn, or criticize the person with an addiction. Instead, it is one of the most caring things that you can do if your loved one is suffering from a mental health condition or a substance use disorder. It shows them that you’ve noticed that there is a problem, and you want to help fix it. 

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interventionistAddiction treatment has several components. There are addiction intervention specialists, such as the experts at Southworth Associates. However, there are also medical detox experts, as well as addiction treatment specialists. Furthermore, aftercare specialists ensure the long-term sobriety of our patients and clients. It is critical for people in the addiction treatment community to attend networking and education events. These events allow these professionals to get to know each other and learn about how they can support each other and their clients. It also can significantly improve your client’s treatment outcomes. 

We’ve designed the networking and education events that we provide at Southworth Associates to support the other people in the addiction treatment community. To get involved with these exciting events, reach out to our team today at (866) 460-9014

Our Networking and Education Events

Southworth Associates hosts several events throughout the year to bring together various portions of the recovery industry. Our aim is to provide networking and educational opportunities to better client care and treatment outcomes.

John Southworth believed in bringing people together to benefit both those working in the industry and the clientele they serve. He saw a gap between treatment centers and interventionists networking together in a collaborative environment. His vision was to create a collective space where the treatment industry could learn about each center’s services and specialties. This networking would enable them to refer clients to the appropriate services and improve client care.

John would often say, “There’s plenty of room in the sandbox for everybody.” He knew that there was enough business to go around. By working together rather than competing against each other, we would see the greatest successes.

Many of our unique networking and education events are our Perspective events. With these events, we learn about how addiction affects people across a multitude of communities. For instance, at Southworth Associates, we specialize in providing treatment for individuals across the medical professions. With our Perspective events, we learn how addiction affects people in the medical professions. We offer a range of events, including:

We are broadening our events to different locations and have increased the attendee vetting process to ensure we offer high-quality, worthwhile events around the country.

Our International Treatment Center Co-Operative Event

We realize that addiction doesn’t only affect people within the United States. In fact, millions of people across the world have used drugs or alcohol at one point, and many of those require addiction. As such, it is critical to reach out to members of the addiction treatment community across the globe. With our International Treatment Center Co-Operative event’s help, our founder, John Southworth, worked to bring people in our treatment community together. 

John had been creating inspirational networking and educational events since 2002. Although we lost John to cancer in November of 2017, we do not forget the many contributions he made to the treatment industry. At Southworth Associates, we are proud to carry on the legacy John left with that very first ITCC conference. We are continuing and expanding on his goal of helping those in the treatment industry work together to provide the best possible treatment options to each and every client.

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Working with addiction treatment professionals is a part of our job at Southworth Associates. Our networking and educational events are an excellent way to engage with the people in our community. We’d be happy for you to be involved in our next networking event. To learn more about our upcoming events or if you have questions about participating, please reach out to Southworth Associates today by calling (866) 460-9014