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Perspectives in RecoveryThe need for virtual conferences has increased exponentially in the last year. With the ongoing pandemic and following social distancing changes, conferences across the world have needed to change how they operate. As a result, our Perspectives in Recovery conference has also had to change. Fortunately, we are ready and willing to take up the challenge. We’re proud to provide a virtual conference option to our clients across the world. This conference is an excellent way to network with other treatment centers, learn about different perspectives in recovery, and grow as a treatment provider. To learn more about the benefits of this fantastic conference, contact Southworth Associates today at 844.521.0523.

About Perspectives in Recovery

Coming in the spring of 2021, our Perspectives in Recovery conference will concentrate on the strategies treatment centers use to offer support and care to their clients. We’ll consider how to help clients avoid relapse and help them progress through recovery. In addition, we’ll have leaders in the addiction treatment industry discuss the methods of providing continuing care during COVID-19 and beyond. We’ll also address the pandemic’s impact on individual treatment centers. 

Who is Speaking at Perspectives in Recovery? 

A fundamental part of any conference is usually the speakers who are involved in the event. This year, we’re providing our attendees with a variety of experienced and knowledgeable speakers. Each of the speakers at this event has years of experience in a range of aspects surrounding addiction treatment, all of which can be extremely helpful in your work at the behavioral health treatment center. These speakers will also be available to answer questions with our Q&A forums.

Continuing Educations Alongside Perspectives in Recovery

One significant challenge in these unique circumstances is that you and your staff members may have been unable to seek their continuing education credits. Fortunately, when you take part in Perspectives in Recovery, you will get the chance to receive CMEs, CEs, or other modes of educational credits. This continuing education credits can be enduring, meaning that they’re valid for a lifetime, or they can be live CEs, so they’re valid for a specific time period.

 In addition, we partner with other organizations, who are offering additional credits during this event for an additional charge. Furthermore, each of the videos will be available for a specific period of time after this conference. Therefore, you can have access to anything you may have missed due to scheduling conflicts. 

Exhibit Hall at Perspectives in Recovery

One enjoyable part of a life conference is getting to tour the exhibit hall and learn from the exhibitors. We’re able to provide that during our Perspectives in Recovery. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the providers and exhibitors during the conference and discuss their businesses with the help of videos, social media, and video interactions. Being at this conference should feel like you’re attending it in person. 

We will also provide an exciting contest where you can collect points by visiting and talking to the exhibitors to learn more about their businesses. We’ll have some fantastic awards for the winners of this competition.  

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Your behavioral health treatment center can be successful, both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Our Perspectives in Recovery conference is a superb way to get resources and re-evaluate your treatment practices. In addition to this fantastic event, we also provide a variety of consulting services to assist you in developing your treatment program. These services include:

To learn more about our Perspectives in Recovery and other exciting events, please contact Southworth Associates today at 844.521.0523