addiction and medical professionals

Addiction Help for Medical Professionals

When it comes to addiction and medical professionals, there are real risks present. Because of the constant stress and, in some cases, trauma, these professionals may find themselves at risk for addiction more so than other populations of people. If you’re a doctor, finding a recovery program for physicians is critical. The same applies to…

alcoholism treatment

4 Reasons to Find Alcoholism Treatment

Why should your loved one get help for alcoholism? If you know someone you love is engaging in this dangerous addiction, but they’re unable to stop, that may mean it’s time for you to reach out for professional alcoholism intervention. Alcohol addiction can worsen over time, leaving their body and mental health at risk. For…

functioning alcoholic

Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

When many people think of someone they love being an alcoholic, they may picture someone who is drinking so much that their life seems to be falling apart. However, that image is not always accurate. Many people appear to be fine though they consistently abuse alcohol. These people are high-functioning alcoholics. On the outside, these…

sobriety after rehab

Maintaining Sobriety After Rehab

If one of our interventions was successful, your loved one should enter one of the addiction treatment centers that we partner with to ensure our clients get the care they deserve. After your loved one completes their treatment program, they may be eager to enjoy life in recovery. However, even with that enthusiasm, it can…

What is a Behavioral Addiction

What is a Behavioral Addiction?

When people think of addictions, most of the time, they think about people abusing drugs or alcohol. Sadly, this is not always the case. Many people often suffer from behavioral addictions. Unlike other addictions, there is no substance at work. Instead, the person becomes addicted to repeating specific actions over and over again. These actions…