substance abuse educationEach week, Southworth Associates is proud to provide substance abuse education with our Perspective Matters videos. These videos give our viewers a good deal of useful information, allowing them to learn more about the challenges addiction treatment providers face. We speak to many experts in the field. We also offer a range of recovery events to keep up with your continuing education credits or connect with other treatment providers. With both of these services, we strive to offer you the support you need to provide the exceptional care that your clients require. To learn more about our substance abuse education services, reach out to Southworth Associates today at 844.521.0523

Our Perspective Matters Videos

With our Perspective Matters videos, we interview an expert in the field of behavioral health each week. These experts may be in business development, clinical services, operation, and public policy. Then, we ask them about how they got into their field and their mentors. These videos can be incredibly helpful for individuals who are just trying to start an addiction treatment center. However, they can also be incredibly encouraging for individuals who have been in the addiction treatment community for years and need a fresh perspective. All of our Perspective Matters can be found in our educational video library or on our YouTube channel. 

Perspective Matters Recovery Events

While videos are a great way to learn new skills without interacting with other people, there is no substitute for interacting with other people. Fortunately, even in these unique times, this is possible with our virtual recovery events. 

Our first substance abuse education recovery event is our Perspectives: A Time for Change. This event is taking place in the fall of 2020, and the co-founders and producers of the “Moments of Change” event are proudly bringing this unique conference to addiction treatment centers around the globe. Our Perspectives: A Time For Change event will include speakers from around the globe and address the challenges the behavioral health community faces this year. They’ll also provide some helpful insights that each treatment center can put to use. This event will allow you to explore new treatment methods and modalities while simultaneously working with other treatment providers in a safe, virtual environment.

Another fantastic event available worldwide in the spring of 2021 is our Perspectives in Recovery event. This virtual conference will focus on how we provide support and care for their clients. It will also help you learn how to help them progress through the recovery process and avoid relapse. Again, this recovery event will include addiction treatment industry leaders. We work with them to discuss providing a continuum of care and addressing the challenges the COVID-19 virus has brought to your treatment center. 

Both of these recovery events require you to grow and learn as you see recovery from a new perspective. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to connect with other addiction treatment experts and learn from industry leaders. 

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At Southworth Associates, we have also been affected by these challenging times, and we know how hard it is to adapt to the changes. Fortunately, with our substance abuse education and recovery events, we can help you get a fresh start and perspective on recovery. Each of these services allows you to face this new environment with specialized knowledge and skills that you’ll need to overcome the obstacles. 

In addition to our recovery events and substance abuse education services, we also provide consulting services to those in the behavioral health industry. Our services include:

For more information about our substance abuse education services and recovery events, contact Southworth Associates today at 844.521.0523