The PRN Team

Lori Barnes-Lapp, B.S.

Lori is the Program Advisor for the Idaho Physician Recovery Network, Program for Recovering Nurses, Program for Recovering Dental Professionals, Pharmacist Recovery Network, and Professional Recovery Network.

Lori Barns-Lapp

Quality Assurance/Data Advisor

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Katie Davis, B.S.

After graduating from Boise State University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Katie began working at Southworth Associates to support clients and their families throughout recovery as well as to expand her knowledge in the field of addiction. During her collegiate career, Katie was actively involved within her student organization, holding various executive positions and helping organize philanthropy events to raise money for a local domestic violence shelter. She also served as a research assistant for a family studies project which was under the supervision of a Boise State University faculty member. When Katie began her career at Southworth Associates, she started as a Case Manager for the Recovery Enhancement Program (REP) as well as held the Program Assistant position for the Physician Recovery Network (PRN), Program for Recovering Nurses (PRN), Program for Recovering Dental Professionals (PRDP), and the Pharmacist Recovery Network (PRN). Katie has since taken on the role of a Compliance Monitor and maintains an active client load for the PRN/PRDP programs. Katie enjoys working with the medical boards as well as participating in continuing education activities such as webinars and field related conferences to further her knowledge in the field. Katie intends to return to school to pursue her goals of becoming a clinician. For Katie, the most fulfilling part of her position is providing support to her clients and seeing them achieve successful recovery.

Katie Davis, B.S.

Compliance Monitor

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  • 8 a.m.-5 p.m. M-F, MT

Erin Moore, BA

Erin graduated from The College of Idaho in 2015 majoring in Psychology and minoring in human services, British studies, and natural sciences. Following her graduation, Erin worked as a Community Based Rehabilitation Specialist until starting at Southworth Associates in April of 2016. Erin has held various internship and volunteer positions in the mental health field including: working at a women’s and children’s domestic violence shelter and volunteering as a student trauma advocate while in college. Erin is now a compliance monitor with the Program for Recovering Nurses (PRN), Physicians Recovery Network (PRN), and Pharmacists Recovery Network (PRN). Since joining Southworth Associates Erin has found that the most rewarding part of her job is watching her clients grow and make progress on their road to recovery.

Erin Moore, BA

Compliance Monitor

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  • (208) 323-9555 ext. 116
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  • 8:00-5:00 MST

The REP Team

Jessica Foster, M.A., L.P.C.

Jessica began her work at Southworth Associates in 2006 as a case manager for the private case management program after graduating from college with a degree in Psychology. She wanted to further her interest and knowledge in the field of helping others so she went back to school to obtain her Masters in Counseling while continuing to work at Southworth Associates. She participated in internships, counseling students in the school system as well as at-risk juveniles in an in-patient setting. She now works as a Program Advisor to the Recovery Enhancement Program (REP); helping other case managers with their training, performing quality assurance reviews, and many other miscellaneous duties. She is also our Director of Conferences and plans our International Treatment Center’s Cooperative (ITCC) Conference. What Jessica loves most about her job is the variety of tasks she undertakes daily and the satisfaction of supporting her co-workers so that they can support their clients.

Jessica Foster

REP Program Advisor/Director of Conferences

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  • (208) 323-9555 ext. 111
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  • 8 a.m.-5 p.m. M, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Tu & Th, MT

Holly Walund, B.S.

Holly came to Southworth Associates after graduating from Boise State University with a degree in Social Science. Her areas of focus were Psychology and Sociology. While in school Holly enjoyed volunteering with various projects supporting equal rights, registering voters and efforts to protect local natural resources. Holly also worked in a residential setting at a local domestic violence shelter providing support for women and children who were victims of domestic violence as well as being an on-call advocate for victims of sexual assault. A strong interest in the field of addiction lead Holly to her current position with Southworth Associates. For Holly, the most fulfilling part of her position at Southworth Associates is actively providing support and accountability for clients and their families.

Holly Walund

Case Manager/Compliance Monitor

  • (800) 386-1695 ext. 105
  • (208) 323-9555 ext. 105
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  • 7 a.m.-4 p.m. MT

Tiffany East, B.A.

Tiffany has been working in the mental health field for the past 3 years. After graduating with a degree in psychology from Boise State University, she moved on to working with children and families with mental illness and now works as a case manager facilitating families dealing with addiction. Tiffany is passionate about helping people and aiding people who battle with addiction. “I think our program is so important because we not only help to keep our clients stay on track but we help mend family ties that have been damaged due to the disease. It’s a remarkable thing.”

Tiffany East

Case Manager/Compliance Monitor

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  • (208) 323-9555 ext. 106
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  • 8 a.m.-5 p.m. M, W, F, MT & 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Tu, Th, MT


Sedena Evans, M.S. – Psychology

Sedena initially received a B.A. in Criminal Justice and in 2012 completed her Masters in Psychology with a concentration in Addiction. Sedena has a strong history within Health and Welfare and in the past she has worked closely with minors who have been abused, finding them permanent residences, and helping to resolve the issues that abuse can cause. She was promoted to the position of Office Manager after working as a Compliance Monitor in our PRN program her at Southworth Associates. Sedena has over 10 years of experience as an Office Manager previously before coming to Southworth Associates and was a Compliance Officer for five years as well. Through her experience with helping others with the disease of addiction she has seen the costs that alcohol and drug abuse can have in both the family and social aspect of life. She understands the vital role early intervention, treatment, and monitoring can have on a successful recovery process and a continued happy life.

Sedena Evans, M.S.

Office Manager

  • (800) 386-1695 ext. 109
  • (208) 323-9555 ext. 109
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  • 7:00- 4:00 MST