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Southworth Associates was created by John Southworth to assist individuals and their families in drug abuse problems that pose a potential threat to themselves, their families, their colleagues and their friends. Southworth Associates works to identify and facilitate intervention, acute treatment and to provide long-term support for the individual to return to a productive place within his/her profession. While the program provides no direct counseling, treatment, or aftercare services, it does support and endorse the development of self-help groups at the local level. After the successful coordination of programs for physicians and nurses, Southworth established Southworth Associates to implement similar programs to assist other professionals through the recovery process. With this concept in mind, Southworth worked to implement the Lawyers Assistance Program and the Program for Recovering Dental Professionals. He also formed a similar program for professionals not encompassed in the previously-formed programs. The Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is set up to help and support lawyers who are experiencing problems associated with alcohol and/or drug use or mental health issues. John Southworth has had both a personal and professional background in the field of substance abuse for more than 40 years. He continues to use his understanding and familiarity to help individuals and families through their own personal struggles. He has learned that although there is no cure for the disease of drug addiction, it can prove to be fatal if appropriate education and steps to recovery are not taken. This knowledge is the compelling force behind Southworths drive to educate others of the disease of drug addiction.

Wichita Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Wichita, Kansas is the largest city in the State. In 2010, the population was almost 390,000. Located in south central Kansas on the Arkansas River, Wichita is in Sedgwick County and the metropolitan area shows a population of over 630,000. The city was incorporated in 1870. Its position on the Chisholm Trail made it a destination for cattle drives heading north to access railroads to eastern markets. In the 20th century, aircraft pioneers such as Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech and Bill Lear began projects that would lead to Wichita being referred to as the Air Capital of the World. Following the success in commerce that Wichita experienced right after World War II, it saw rapid urbanization and industrialization. However, though economically richer, the city has not been safe from the menace of drug addiction. Drug abuse statistics in Wichita point toward the ever increasing numbers of drug addicts here. The city boasts a vibrant nightlife and is a prime target of drug mafia. Drug groups supply various recreational drugs and target adults and adolescents. This has led to a surprising increase in the Wichita narcotic abuse statistics. Many illicit meth labs have sprung up in Wichita. Presently, methamphetamine abuse is a huge threat to Kansas because the drug is so easily obtained and, it also fosters violence and environmental harm. In 2001, 35% of drug-related federal sentences in Kansas resulted from methamphetamine violations compared with 14% nationwide. Apart from meth, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana being abused in the city, the abuse of prescription drugs is increasing, thus driving up the Wichita narcotic abuse statistics. A large number of teenagers are involved in the abuse of prescription drugs, which can be easily accessed at their homes.

Wichita Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

Southworth Associates knows that drug addiction intervention can be instrumental in helping individuals in developing personalized plans of action. They can help you; your family, your friend and your coworker get their lives back in order and to be free from drug addiction. An effective drug addiction intervention program will help the addict through the treatment process and beyond. The professionals at Southworth Associates have learned through past experience that through drug abuse intervention there is almost always a change for the better in some form. Call us today to learn more about our effective intervention programs. Remember, you dont have to hit rock bottom before you reach out for help.

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