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First established in 1998 by John Southworth, Southworth Associates quickly became a leader in drug addiction interventions, drug abuse interventions, drug addiction consulting, and monitoring services. For over 15 years, John Southworth has been practicing drug interventions, mental health consultations, and drug addiction treatments. Southworth Associates was first founded to help coordinate drug interventions and to monitor doctors in the Physicians Recovery Network. Today, Southworth Associates helps hundreds of addicts overcome their addictions via our Boise, Idaho headquarters. We even have the expertise to handle domestic and international drug interventions. Over time, we have become the most trusted source for drug intervention information. Many of our colleagues and professional affiliates come to us for the most recent and relevant drug intervention information. We are here to help identify the drug addiction and abuse patterns and how they affect the individual and the family. We will work with you to get you the help and support you need to overcome your addiction.

West Palm Beach Drug Addiction Treatment Center

West Palm Beach, also known as, West Palm is located in southern Florida in Palm Beach County. West Palm Beach is the most populated city in the entire county and the county seat. Currently, West Palm Beach has a total population of 99,919 residents and 34,769 households. West Palm Beach has a median household income of $436,774 and a median family income of $42,074. Amazingly 23.9% of West Palm Beach’s population is below the poverty line. This has lead to increases in crime, especially drug use. To help combat the increase in drug use, many West Palm Beach families have been turning to Southworth Associates for help. Our professional drug abuse and addiction interventions are the ideal way to begin your recovery. Our interventionists offer a number of different drug interventions, monitoring, and consulting options that can be customized to your exact needs.

West Palm Beach Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

When it comes to overcome a drug addiction, the first step is a drug intervention. Drug interventions are the ideal way to help the addict seek out the appropriate help. At Southworth Associates, our interventionists are highly-skilled and have years of experienced coordinating a number of different drug interventions. At Southworth Associates, we believe in a firm, but compassionate style of drug intervention. This style helps raise the bottom for the addict by appealing to their needs and compelling them to seek help. We also help eliminate the guilt and blame that is often between the individual and family. At Southworth Associates, we treat and help everyone affected by the addiction, including the family. Our interventionists will provide everyone involved with recommendation for long-term recovery from drug addictions. To find out more about our drug addiction interventions and drug abuse interventions, give us a call today. We want to help!

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