The Case Management program has many benefits for the individual participating in the program as well as for their loved ones and their support network. Within either track of the Recovery Enhancement Program, Case Management Level I or Case Management Level II, the clients benefit from the following:

  • Personal accountability for their own actions
  • Develop responsibility for their own sobriety
  • Provide assurance to family members, employers or others involved
  • Provide involved clients with a higher success rate in achieving long term sobriety

Southworth Associates began its health professional monitoring services with the Idaho Professionals Recovery Network, and after years of success, we eventually expanded to include our Recovery Enhancement Program, a national Case Management Program. There are two different Case Management tracks that are offered to clients on a nationwide basis, and their levels of support and involvement are progressive in nature. Both tracks are designed to support and track participants in their maintenance of sobriety, mental health, and disordered behaviors, as well as help the individual achieve specific treatment or life goals. Although our Case Management services are available to potential clients at any stage of their recovery journey, the majority of our clients enroll while participating in outpatient treatment or upon leaving an inpatient facility in order to increase the likelihood of follow-through with recommended aftercare solutions.

Our Case Management services can greatly benefit the participating individual as well as their loved ones and others in their support network. Get started today by contacting one of our professional staff members!

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