Recovery Enhancement Programs (REP)

Recovery Enhancement Program (REP)

Imagine every patient leaving treatment received the same post-treatment monitoring support
doctors, pilots, and other licensed professionals receive. Our Recovery Enhancement Programs,
REP, was designed to do just that.

Statistically, we know, compliance monitoring provides the accountability and evidence clients
need after treatment. While recovery is referred to as an “inside job” monitoring provides the
external evidence of recovery.

Simply put, REP was designed to make post-treatment monitoring affordable and available for
everyone who needs it.

 Each client’s treatment program (when applicable) is contacted to review post-treatment recommendations and continuing care plans.
 A detailed Compliance Monitoring Contract is implemented, to protect open
communication within the family and amongst all supporting parties.
 Each family is assigned a REP Compliance Officer
 A Family Recovery Plan is implemented, establishing boundaries, communication, and
clear expectations related to recovery and relapse.
 A laboratory near you is located anywhere in the US and most of Europ.
 Randomized and regular drug/alcohol testing is initiated.
 12-step based monitoring engaged.
 12-step sponsor participation verified.
 Medication Compliance (when applicable)
 Regular progress reporting provided to family and support network.

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