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In 1998, John Southworth founded what is now Southworth AssociatesSouthworth Associates soon became an industry leader in drug abuse interventions, drug addiction consulting, drug addiction interventions, and monitoring services. In 1993, John Southworth began his career in drug interventions, drug addiction treatment, and mental health consultation. Southworth Associates was originally created to help coordinate the efforts of a drug abuse or addiction intervention and to monitor doctors within the Physicians Recovery Network. Since 1998, Southworth Associates has helped over a hundred drug addicts overcome their addiction through our Boise, Idaho headquarters. We currently offer six various types of drug intervention and monitoring programs. Each program we offer can be customized to your exact needs and we even consult drug interventions on a domestic and international level. Southworth Associates is renowned throughout the industry for our expert knowledge of the most relevant drug intervention information. In truth, many of our colleagues and professional affiliates come to us for the most cutting-edge developments in drug interventions. Our experienced interventionists will help identify the drug problem and how it affects everyone around. Southworth Associates will finally get you the help you need to overcome your drug addiction.

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Raleigh is the second largest city and the capital of North Carolina. Raleigh is also the seat of Wayne County. Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. From 2000 to 2010, Raleigh’s population increased by 46.3%. Currently, Raleigh’s population is 403,892 and this number continues to rise each day. Of Raleigh’s population, there are 112,608 total households and over 62,000 families. The median household income in Raleigh is $46,612 and the median family income is $60,003. Raleigh has always faced its fair share of crime, especially drug abuse. Today, more and more Raleigh residents are falling into drug addiction and abuse. Southworth Associates has been helping Raleigh families through drug interventions for years. Our drug interventions will ensure that you get that support and treatment you need to overcome your addiction. At Southworth Associates, we have a variety of drug addiction monitoring, consulting, and intervention options ready at your disposal.

Raleigh Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

In order to overcome a drug addiction, it takes support and help. Southworth Associates is an advocate of drug abuse and addiction interventions. We offer a wide range of drug interventions, each administered by our professional interventionists. Each of our interventionists has years of experience dealing with the most troublesome drug addictions. We believe in a firm, but compassionate approach to drug interventions. Our unique way of approaching drug interventions helps raise the bottom for addicts by helping them seek treatment. Our interventions are for the family as much as the individual. Our interventionists will work with you each member involved and we will even provide everyone involved with recommendations for long-term recovery from addiction. Southworth Associates is here to finally get you the support and treatment you need to overcome the drug addiction. For more information regarding our drug addiction interventions and drug abuse interventions, give us a call today. Our interventionists are standing by!

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