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Adolescent drug abusers usually do not realize they are out of control. What they lack is objective feedback on their own behavior. Previously, the popular belief was that substance abusers had to hit rock bottom before they would be willing to accept help. This is based upon the concept that teenage drug addicts could only get better if they were self-motivated. However, this view has changed. Southworth Associates now knows that a skilled professional can motivate an abuser toward recovery. This is called intervention. Drug abuse intervention is a process which assists young abusers in recognizing the extent of their problems. Through a non-judgmental, non-critical, systematic process, the underage drug addict is confronted with the impact of their drug abuse on themselves and on others. The goal of Southworth Associates drug abuse intervention is for teenage drug abusers to accept the reality of their addictive behavior and to seek help. After John Southworth established Southworth Associates in 1998, it quickly branched into a multi-service program which provided the full spectrum of addiction interventions, monitoring and consulting services to adults and adolescents. Intervention is a process Southworth Associates firmly support. The intervention method works toward uniting loved ones and friends of teenage individuals struggling with drug addiction. It becomes necessary to utilize intervention procedures when individuals struggling with drug addiction are in denial of the problem, yet the chaos and destructive behavior is evident to everyone else their families and their friends.

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Providence, Rhode Island is the capital and most populous city of the State. Located in Providence County, it is the third largest city in New England. The city-propers population of nearly 180,000 anchors the 37th largest metropolitan population in the country. With a land area of only 1,545 square miles, Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 states but its a state with a HUGE substance abuse problem. According to a national survey, Rhode Island has the nations highest rate of illegal drug abuse among people aged 12 or older. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug by teenagers in the United States. In addition, approximately 12,000 (13.8 %) of the 87,000 adolescents in Rhode Island used an illicit drug in the past month; 10,000 (11.5 %) used marijuana, and 5,000 (5.8 %) used an illicit drug other than marijuana. Among adolescent treatment admissions in Rhode Island, marijuana and alcohol were the most prevalent substances of abuse. Of the total adolescent male admissions, 95.1% (1,979) reported marijuana use. Of the total adolescent female admissions, 89.5 % (646) reported marijuana use. Marijuana was the illegal drug with the highest rate of past year dependence or abuse, followed by pain relievers and cocaine. Of the 7.0 million persons aged 12 or older classified with dependence on, or abuse of, illegal drugs, 4.2 million were dependent on, or abused, marijuana or cannabis.

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Southworth Associates knows that intervention works! However, it can frequently be difficult to encourage young individuals to get treatment. Most adolescents do not know the exact nature of their problem or situation for which their self-medication behavior appears to numb the pain. Whether it is the teenage addict, or the loved ones involved, most individuals are unable to identify the underlying issues, prior to marijuana addiction treatment. Trauma or a lack of appropriate coping skills might also be a contributing factor. Regardless, intervention with Southworth Associates does work, and if the individuals struggling with marijuana addiction can find their way, help is waiting. We know that marijuana addiction is a vicious cycle, and you might have noticed that certain efforts on your part have not had any effect on your teenagers marijuana or cannabis use. When your teen is dependent on using marijuana, no punishment inflicted or privilege denied will bring to an end their cravings for the marijuana. Southworth Associates realizes that home life can be stressful enough without the additional pressure of adolescent drug addiction. But, when you add it into the mix, life often becomes even more complicated for both of you. It is something no parent is prepared for, and in some cases it can tear a family apart. What is the best solution? Remember, addiction is a disease. Like other diseases, marijuana addiction can be treated and overcome. When you are ready to admit to yourself that your adolescent is addicted to marijuana, you have made the first step in correcting the problem. If you are a family member (or a friend) of a teenager struggling with marijuana addiction, call us now for help.

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