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Addiction is a disease, recognized as such by the medical community. Would you attempt to place your own cast on a broken bone? Of course not. You would seek medical attention from a professional. The same principle applies to drug addiction. Just as no two people are completely alike, no two drug addicts are exactly the same either. That’s why Southworth Associates programs are so effective. We will do everything within our control to help drug dependent individuals, their families, colleagues and friends in treatment of the disease of drug addiction and drug abuse. If you are wondering whether the Southworth Associates program will work for you, the best answer is the saying often heard at 12-step recovery meetings: It Works If You Work It. Drug rehabilitation is not a magic potion you take to erase all of your problems; it is a path to wellness that requires you take an active role in treatment. Remember, the disease of addiction is something that never goes away, but it can be overcome. Addiction to drugs or alcohol affects some 23 million Americans. In addition, drug abuse affects people of all ages including teenagers. In fact, many addicts who don’t enter drug rehab until their 30s or 40s can trace their addictions back to those adolescent years. Wouldn’t it have been so much better to enter drug rehab back then, and potentially avoid years of addiction-related misery? Sadly, most individuals don’t seek help for their disease. What happens to untreated substance abuse? There are plenty of overcrowded jail cells and emergency rooms where you’ll find the answer to that question. There are also many grieving families who will tell you about loved ones who lost their lives to drug abuse, and are now dearly missed. However, there are many stories of addicts who have conquered their affliction, and are now leading happy and healthy lives. Substance abuse is a disease, but with the right care, it DOESN’T have to be a death sentence. Don’t think for a moment that your addiction problem has been going on for too many years or is too out-of-control to be effectively treated. Whatever your situation, Southworth Associates has seen worse. But most importantly, we’ve also seen those worst-case drug addicts get better. And if they can do it, so can you!

Oklahoma City Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the capital and the largest city in the state of Oklahoma. It is the county seat of Oklahoma County, and it ranks 31st among United States cities in population. In the 2010 census, its population was nearly 580,000, with a metro-area population of nearly 1,300,000. The city was founded during the Land Run of 1889, and grew to a population of over 10,000 within hours of its founding. Drug abuse is a huge problem within Oklahoma City. Powdered cocaine and crack cocaine are widely available in the City. Street gangs, such as the Bloods, Crips, South Side Locos, GBC (Grand Barrio Central) and Juaritos have become active in the City and are the primary retail distributors of crack cocaine. Cocaine abuse is particularly prevalent among adult male arrestees in Oklahoma City. According to recent data, almost one-quarter (22.4%) of adult male arrestees in Oklahoma City tested positive for cocaine in 2000. There is also a steady increase of major crack distributors who are associated with violent Los Angeles-based street gangs such as the Bloods and Crips. These gangs are frequently involved in violent acts such as drug-related shootings and robberies within the City. They present the greatest challenge to Oklahoma City law enforcement. The South Side Locos are still considered one of the city’s most violent gangs and Oklahoma City Police estimate that on any given night, as many as 6,000 gang members may be out on Oklahoma City streets.

Oklahoma City Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

Southworth Associates knows that drug addiction is a complex but treatable physical and psychological disorder. It is characterized by compulsive drug cravings that persist even in the face of adverse consequences. For many people, drug addiction becomes a continuous struggle, with relapses possible, even after long periods of abstinence. Due to its chronic nature, drug addiction may require multiple rehabilitation attempts before some individuals will finally achieve long lasting sobriety. Through Southworth Associates program, people with a drug addiction problem can permanently recover and lead productive lives. Our ultimate goal is to enable an individual to achieve lasting abstinence. Short term goals are to cease drug use, improve the individuals ability to function, and to help minimize the medical and social complications of drug abuse and addiction. Individuals associated with Southworth Associates will receive the tools and help that are needed to change their behavior and adopt a healthy lifestyle. For more information about how we can assist you, or someone you know, onto the path to a healthier life, call us today.

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