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Founded in 1998 by John Southworth, Southworth Associates has been a leader throughout the world in drug abuse interventions, drug addiction interventions, consulting, and monitoring services. John Southworth has been active in the field of drug abuse and addiction intervention, mental health counseling, and treatment since 1983. Southworth Associates was originally founded to help facilitate drug abuse/addiction interventions and monitor doctors in the Physicians Recovery Network. Today, Southworth Associates counsels, monitors, and holds drug addiction and abuse interventions for hundreds of individuals through our Boise headquarters. Southworth Associates offers our patients six different types of drug abuse and addiction interventions and monitoring programs. All of our drug intervention and monitoring programs are available for individuals and families on a domestic and international level. For over 10 years, Southworth Associates has been among the most trusted resource for drug abuse and addiction interventions for licensed professionals, colleagues, and other professional affiliates. Southworth Associates is here to help identify drug abuse and addiction problems that pose a threat to our clients and families lives. We will work with you to get you the treatment and support you need to get back to your normal life.

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London is the largest city in the United Kingdom and the capital of England. Founded by the Romans, more than two millennia ago, London today is a leading global city. London is one of the largest financial centers, alongside New York City. Also, London has the most international visitors of any city in the entire world. Currently, London has a total population of around 8.3 million residents. However the 2001 census showed that just over 27% of London’s population was born outside of the United Kingdom. London is home to a vast number of different ethnic groups. Recently, London has been experiencing an increase in the number of drug users and addicts. To combat this increase, many London families have been turning to Southworth Associates for drug abuse interventions and drug addiction interventions. Our drug interventions are the first steps to overcoming your addiction and getting back on the road to a better life. Southworth Associates provides our clients with a number of drug interventions, consulting, and monitoring options.

London Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

At Southworth Associates, we believe that a drug abuse or addiction intervention is the first step to recovery. We define a drug intervention as an orchestrated attempted by one or many to help encourage someone to seek professional help overcoming their drug addiction/abuse. Southworth Associates’ drug interventions are facilitated by experienced interventionists who have years of experience helping people overcome their drug addiction. At Southworth Associates, we believe in a firm, but compassionate, non-adversarial drug intervention style. Our one-of-a-kind drug abuse and addiction intervention are designed to help raise the bottom for the addict to compel them into seeking treatment. Our compassionate interventionists also help foster collaboration between the individual and the family without the guilt and blame that often hinders people from getting help. Southworth Associates’ drug interventions are designed to help heal the individual, as well as, the family. We provide everyone affected by the drug addiction with professional recommendations for long-term recovery. With Southworth Associates, you finally get the help you need. Give us a call today to find out more about our drug abuse and addiction interventions. We are looking forward to helping!

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