All cases of drug and alcohol addiction require an understanding of what underlying issues are fueling the compulsion to use. Without this understanding and support from an addiction specialist, it is likely a person will relapse either during or after engagement with specialist support. While some people may find the structure of an intensive rehabilitation program perfect for supporting life-long recovery from addiction, those that are in senior, high-profile careers, or known to the public, are likely to benefit more from an individualized treatment program. We understand that those in high-ranking positions may struggle to maintain both their career and health when seeking help for addiction, which can prevent them from engaging with treatment programs, or can result in significant damage to their careers and public perception. Our VIP Intervention is personalized and tailored to meet the needs and conditions of every person that requires help with drug or alcohol misuse.

The Additional Strains of a High-Profile, Public Career

We understand how important confidentiality is to those in the public eye. The fear of a potentially detrimental impact on business reputation or careers by seeking support can be a huge barrier for some individuals suffering from addiction. Furthermore, these lifestyles often provide higher levels of temptation and access to illicit substances. Those surrounding these individuals may enable the addiction further for fear that the repercussions of challenging or confronting the behavior may be worse than the consequences of their substance misuse. Our VIP Interventions are here to support all people involved in the addiction cycle, confidentially, with compassion and understanding.

We can provide a range of services specifically designed for public figures; from private residential treatment centers, outpatient programs, or a supervision service to confirm progress of recovery to help the addicted person address and come to terms with their addiction and assist them through recovery.

Services for Families in the Public Eye

Southworth Associates International understands that addiction affects an entire family, be it a parent, child or partner, their behavior can be unpredictable and addictions can deteriorate quickly. We strive to deliver treatment in order to help the addicted person and their loved ones recognize the extent of the condition with an open, frank and empathetic approach. In order to provide the best treatment possible, we aim to recognize and appreciate the experience for each family member to provide a basis for an effective treatment plan. This involves locating an appropriate treatment center, providing support to come to terms with and cope with their condition, carrying out drug and alcohol testing in order to monitor recovery progress. Furthermore, our services can provide assistance and support from a drug and alcohol addiction specialist who will discuss goals, challenges and triggers throughout the treatment process, who can also offer certification of abstinence or confirm relapse, if required.

Our VIP Intervention treatment program is necessary for not just the addicted person, but for the entire family to heal from the trauma addiction incites and to achieve a healthy, functional family dynamic. Treatment is uniquely tailored to deliver high quality support throughout every step of the recovery process to ensure a long-lasting, genuine recovery from addiction.

The Importance of Confidentiality

Southworth Associates follows a rigid confidentiality policy to ensure the addicted person and their loved ones can focus on the treatment program, rather than the additional strain of negative public perception that can risk the reputation or success of their career, which may already be in jeopardy due to the effects of the addicted person’s behavior. It is vital that the individual and their family’s privacy is respected during the often tumultuous journey of recovery from addiction so they can achieve their goals. We provide confidential, non-judgmental and compassionate support so every member of the family, including the addicted person, can benefit from the treatment program and move forward and beyond the devastating effects of addiction.

Information For Organizations and VIPs

Regardless of the substance that is being abused, public faith and opinion can be significantly negatively impacted by evidence of addiction. Despite the improved understanding around addiction issues, there remains many people who disapprove of and look down on those who suffer. For those who are in the public eye, there is an increased risk of addiction issues becoming public-knowledge due to the emergence of social media sites and gossip channels, which can result in damaged reputations, depleted business relationships and a block to continued success.

The negative consequences of the addicted person’s behavior may be creating significant difficulties within the business, and it is therefore vital that engagement with our VIP Intervention is imminent.

Southworth Associates understands the importance of anonymity and privacy for high-profile families seeking support for drug or alcohol addiction. We discuss aims and aspirations for recovery with those fundamental to the business to carefully create an appropriate, individualized program to heal the issues the addicted person and the business are suffering from.

Protecting Business Status 

Addiction affects every person differently; for this reason it is crucial that treatment plans are flexible to address the true causes of the addiction, putting measures in place to prevent relapse over the course of the treatment. If relapse occurs, our experienced intervention specialists will promptly evaluate the situation and devise an updated approach to help the individual move forward, back on the path to recovery.

Our VIP Intervention is designed to prevent relapses by introducing supplementary intervention specialists to provide support for any additional issues that may be prevalent throughout treatment, such as eating disorders, self-harm, dangerous levels of aggression or risk of abandoning the program. If an individual is suffering from drug or alcohol withdrawals, they will be cared for by a medical professional around the clock until they subside.

It is expected for those going through treatment, and leaving treatment, to face circumstances that can bring about an urge to relapse, as it is the individual who will change, rather than the world around them. Therefore, it is critical that the individual is given additional support during this time in order to overcome these challenges and maintain their reputation.

Southworth Associates can provide assistance and encouragement:

  • Throughout engagement in an inpatient residential facility
  • While at the individual’s home
  • While at work
  • While attending business and public events

Combining Privacy and Support

Southworth Associates strives to ensure our VIP Intervention Program is specifically designed for the needs of the addicted person and their family, whatever the circumstances, which can include:

  • The help and support from a wide range of skilled interventionists
  • If necessary, a police accompaniment to the treatment center
  • Private or luxury transport to a residential center
  • Medical assistance and supervision from a Registered Nurse throughout the intervention process
  • Appropriate nutrition to complement detoxification during transit to the treatment center
  • Supervision from an experienced, skilled interventionist at the treatment center to ensure program completion and prevent relapse
  • Those who require updates on the recovery process being regularly informed
  • Once the treatment program has been successfully completed, the individual will be escorted home by the interventionist
  • An aftercare program which entails regular meetings with our professional interventionists, the recovering addict and their family to discuss any challenges and successes
  • Assistance from the interventionist while they begin to phase back into their professional position, with the possibility of being accompanied by a sober mentor
  • A wide range of further services if required

After the detoxification process, the addicted person will be in an appropriate position to address their condition, take responsibility for their behavior and begin to understand the impact of their addiction on those around them. It is only then that they will be able to begin making amends with those who they hurt and move beyond their addiction. 

If you would like to learn more about the VIP Intervention Program from Southworth Associates International, or any other service you require, we are here to answer your questions and discuss your situation to see how we can help.

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