Medical and Professional interventions

Southworth Associates has expertise in the field of Intervention for the Medical Professional. Years of experience in managing the monitoring programs for the Idaho State Medical boards, and numerous interventions with medical professionals over that time, has prepared our company for this delicate but necessary task.

Ben Seymour, primary interventionist with Southworth Associates, recognizes the critical and fragile nature of the intervention for the medical professional. Ben understands the corresponding issues involved with that type of intervention, including, but not limited to: acquiring an understanding of the employment position of the medical professional to be intervened upon within the context of the medical institution the individual is employed with, collaboratively gathering necessary information from co-workers and fellow medical professionals prior to the intervention, and working with the medical institution and/or family to determine the logistics of where the medical professional will go to be treated for the chemical dependency or behavioral health issue. When the time to intervene has come, Ben is an expert at one-on-one contact with the medical professional in question, and is able to guide that professional towards help in a convincing, respectful, and proactive manner.

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