How Southworth Associate’s Interventions Work

The Southworth Associates team has developed a caring, proven approach to interventions that has a high recovery rate with dependent individuals who work with a member of the team through the entire coaching process.

While every intervention is different, a “typical” intervention starts with a concerned friend or family member calling a local treatment center or doing a quick internet search to get some information for their friend or loved one. Eventually they would get referred to Southworth Associates and the following steps may take place:

  1. The concerned individual contacts Southworth Associates where a skilled member of our staff conducts a brief and confidential survey so they can get the caller in touch with one of our interventionists. We ask for some contact information and a few confidential questions so the interventionist can spend more time determining the needs of the IP (Interested Party). Sometimes the caller gets in touch with the interventionist first (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and then is directed to contact our office between 9 AM EST (East Coast) and 5 PM PST (West Coast) Monday through Friday.
  2. Our staff will send out a complimentary Intervention Information packet off to the caller by e-mail, fax, or regular mail. E-mail is preferred because the caller can get the information as quickly as possible, as soon as we get off the phone.
  3. The concerned individual discusses their concerns with our Certified Interventionist and together they work to determine options and formulate the best course of action
  4. If an intervention is called for, the friends and family prepare for the intervention by reading Love First and writing the letters. The interventionist makes the necessary travel arrangements and determines the fee based on expenses and services provided. A frequent question during the 1st step is “How much will an intervention cost?” Southworth Associates does not charge for its services until an intervention is planned.
  5. The night before the intervention, the participants (all except the IP) gather at the interventionist’s hotel for a 60-90 minute intervention rehearsal. The majority of the time is spent familiarizing the group with the process and going over the participant’s letters.
  6. The interventionist facilitates the intervention and often escorts the individual to the treatment facility. Southworth Associates requires that all individuals are escorted to the treatment facility, but that escort can be the interventionist and/or friends & family.
  7. The Southworth Associates staff monitors the individual’s progression through treatment and the interventionist offers assistance to the treatment facility and family, as needed.
  8. Often the interventionist will make treatment recommendations for the rest of the family. This can range from attending the treatment facility’s Family Program to attending a week-long Co-Dependency Workshop.
  9. After completion of treatment, the treatment facility provides the interventionist with a discharge summary and Southworth Associates offers after-care monitoring services to the family as part of the Recovery Enhancement Program (REP).
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