A crisis intervention is designed to treat those who require urgent, instant support following an experience that causes psychological distress and behavioral problems as a result.

The way a person responds to a crisis, and what is defined as a crisis, is unique and personal to the individual. However, a person might require a crisis intervention following a bereavement, abusive relationship or long-term drug or alcohol abuse.

As each person’s response to such traumatic experiences will differ, it might be difficult to recognize when crisis interventions are necessary, and a person may feel that they are able to cope alone, increasing the risk of the situation deteriorating further. Although it can be difficult to know what to do in times of crisis, there is help available.

Recognizing an individual requires support in a crisis is just the first step; Southworth Associates specializes in finding a solution for crisis management, helping answer any questions you may have, such as which treatment center is most appropriate for the individual, what kind of support will be the most effective, and how long your loved one might need care for.

Additionally, we can help guide you through the conversations to have with the person in crisis, as we understand that it is tremendously difficult to manage, along with the anxiety of worsening the situation or pushing your loved one away. Our aim is to help those suffering in crisis, and those around them make sense of the situation and navigate through the complex, intricate nature of a crisis towards a healthy, happy future.

Southworth Associates provides crisis intervention services and pre-treatment, which includes:

  • Specialized, professional advice and support following a crisis situation, such as a disappearance, hospitalization following an overdose or an arrest
  • Developing, preparing and implementing the best crisis intervention to meet all the needs of the individual
  • Thorough, detailed, compassionate and effective treatment design planning
  • Organizing secure, safe transport for the individual to their treatment center

What happens in a Crisis Intervention with Southworth Associates

A crisis typically occurs when an individual is not able to cope with stressful changes or occurrences in their life. While a stressful event in isolation does not constitute a crisis, the way that a person responds to the event, and their perception of the situation determines the crisis. When an individual perceives themselves to be in danger and cannot find the appropriate responses, perhaps because they have had their efforts rejected or simply has not got the psychological strength to cope, the event may propel the individual into a crisis.

Southworth Associates works openly, and honestly with families suffering from crisis to ascertain what needs exist and how they can be met. We strive to develop intervention and treatment plans which effectively heals the trauma caused by the crisis. We work with families throughout each stage of recovery, from our initial discussion, until the completion of treatment, to answer any questions you may have or to discuss any concerns or challenges you meet along the way.

Our crisis intervention specialists have a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience to design and develop unique, specialist interventions and treatment plans that adhere to the highest standard of professionalism. Southworth Associates follows rigid ethical guidelines to deliver non-judgmental, compassionate support for the whole family. We understand how important it is that each person is treated according to their needs, crisis management is not a ‘one size fits all’ process, and we pride ourselves on the highest quality support, enabling your loved one to find the right treatment center they need for long-lasting recovery and a safe, healthy, happy future.

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