Whether you’re concerned with low employee retention, policy adherence or rising administrative costs associated with hiring an additional employee, these issues could result in your bottom line diminishing. The ultimate benefit to your company is the ability to tap into valuable industry-leading expertise without hiring an additional full-time employee. Many companies have elected to hire consulting firms like us to increase their company’s efficiency. Our professional consulting team is well-equipped to match your organization with the capabilities it needs to face the challenges of the future. As the ever-changing landscape of organizational design continues to evolve, an emerging trend continues to be business consulting. Southworth Associates offers a wide array of consulting services including:

  • Employment Policies & Documentation: Our HR professionals are well-equipped to help you write a detailed employee handbook, personalized to your company, including all relevant policies and procedures that will help guide your employees to success and help your company avoid lawsuits
  • Payroll Outsourcing: Whether you choose to outsource the company payroll, your company’s annual taxes- or everything in between, our knowledgeable professionals will help you lower your monthly administrative costs.
  • Organizational Design: From realigning job tasks through in-depth job analysis to conducting salary audits to carrying out employee performance appraisals, our analysis will result in a stronger organizational structure for your company!
  • Legal Counsel: As employer-based lawsuits are rapidly increasing each year, allow our attorney to coach your management team on how to prevent them. A company may also need legal assistance for legal issues that may have already arisen. We can help!
  • Accounting Services: Our CPA firm specializes in aligning small to mid-size companies with the proper tax advice to achieve their desired financial success. As your company continues to have questions regarding taxes, proper depreciation or available write-offs, our Accounting professionals are equipped with the answers!
  • Admission Protocol Training: Admission and intake training classes for your staff to ethically and effectively get participants into treatment.

Throughout the consulting process, our goal will be to provide you with the tools to effectively operate your organization for long term strategic success. Simply run your company and leave the logistics to us! We’re here to work for you.

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