Conference participants will have the opportunity to learn more in-depth information about the process of intervention as well as up and coming topics in addiction and mental illness treatment. You will learn how an intervention works and get detailed information on the various models of Intervention. Continuing Education Units (CEUs), on average up to 21, can be earned for many types of professions including: Professional Counsellors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Chemical Dependency Counsellors. Participants can also receive trainings on intervention which is a piece of the process to obtain your Interventionist credentials.

The participant will be able to:

  • Apply clinical skills from a broad range of professional core functions including alternative approaches to interventions, different therapy approaches and the mechanics of intervening.
  • Cite advances in the field of addiction and intervention from practice innovations.
  • Differentiate among key philosophies of intervention and integrate methods into practice.

This conference is co-hosted by the Foundations Recovery Network.

The next conference will take place September 30- October 3, 2019 in Palm Beach, FL
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