Southworth Associates hosts several events throughout the year to bring together various portions of the recovery industry. Our aim is to provide networking and educational opportunities to better client care and treatment outcomes.

John Southworth believed in bringing people together for the benefit of both those working in the industry and the clientele they serve. He saw a gap between treatment centers and interventionists networking together in a collaborative environment. His vision was to create a collective space where the treatment industry could learn about each center’s services and specialties. This would enable them to refer clients to the appropriate services and improve client care.

John would often say, “There’s plenty of room in the sandbox for everybody.” He knew that there was enough business to go around and that by people working together rather than competing against each other we would see the greatest successes. Out of this mentality came the International Treatment Center Cooperative (ITCC) conference.

John had been creating inspirational networking and educational events since 2002. Although we lost John to cancer In November of 2017, we do not forget the many contributions he made to the treatment industry. We, at Southworth Associates, are proud to carry on the legacy John left with that very first ITCC conference. We are continuing and expanding on his goal of helping those in the treatment industry work together to provide the best possible treatment options to each and every client.

We are broadening our events to different locations and have increased the attendee vetting process to ensure we are offering high quality, worthwhile events around the country.

If you have questions about any of our upcoming events please contact us at: [email protected] or (800) 386-1695.

International Treatment Centers Cooperative Conference

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