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At Southworth Associates we recognize that addiction is one of the most challenging problems dealt with in counseling. Those individuals engaging in addiction treatment should be aware that the process is seldom simple or easy. Addiction combines the most intractable elements of emotional problems with powerful ongoing biological pressure to remain in addiction. We see that the patterns created by addiction can alter the structures of family and friendships, while permanently changing the chemical systems of the body. The process of repair and recovery can be long and stressful. When John Southworth founded Southworth Associates in 1998, he knew personally of the struggles associated with addiction. Through his personal battle with substance abuse, he became aware that there is no cure to the disease of addiction, and it can be fatal if the appropriate education and steps to recovery are not taken. This knowledge is the driving force behind his motivation to educate others of the disease of addiction. Further, it plays a major role in Southworths continued sobriety of over 20 years. If you know someone who is using alcohol to check out of life, you need to take action and direct that person to professional help to interrupt the use and abuse of alcohol before it spirals into addiction. At Southworth Associates, we help individuals address the underlying reasons for turning to alcohol and support them to navigate through the overwhelming emotions they are using alcohol to suppress. It was once common to regard alcohol dependency as simply a moral failing. Those who were addicted to alcohol were thought to lack the moral strength to resist the vice of alcohol abuse. Now, we know that chemical addictions attack the natural impulses of the body, often altering the bodys biochemical systems in the process. Alcohol crosses the blood-brain barrier, directly affecting brain chemistry. As a result, the brain of the addicted person isnt just rewarded with pleasure; its chemically tricked into an obsessive pursuit of more alcohol. By providing powerful experiences of pleasure, exciting risk, and empowerment, alcohol appeals to the most fundamental levels of the human personality. When this appeal is reinforced by internal chemistry, social pressure, or apparent rewards, it is difficult to end the habit.

Boise Alcohol Dependency Intervention

Boise, Idaho is the capital and most populous city of the State of Idaho, as well as the county seat of Ada County. Located on the Boise River, it anchors the Boise City-Nampa metropolitan area and is the largest city between Salt Lake City, Utah and Portland, Oregon. As of Boises city population was nearly 206,000. In addition, the Boise metropolitan area is home to about 620,000 people and is the most populous metropolitan area in Idaho, and the third most populous metropolitan area in the U.S. Pacific Northwest region, behind only the Seattle, WA and Portland, OR metropolitan areas. It is also the 104th largest U.S. city by population. Boise frequently receives national recognition for its quality of life and business climate. Like any other city across the country, Boise suffers from the ever increasing problem of alcoholism and substance abuse. The records of the Boise Police Department suggest that all the homicides which the city saw in 2005 were related to either drug trafficking or alcohol abuse. Also, the majority of all other offenses, like rape, robbery, burglary, aggravated assaults, driving accidents and vehicle thefts, were directly connected to substance abuse issues. Reports show that almost 100% of the time, alcohol is a contributing aspect to crimes committed.

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Southworth Associates recognizes that alcoholism is such a common problem in our culture and of such historical long-standing, that individuals often tend to forget its not substantially different from any other chemical dependency. When youre dealing with alcoholism, in yourself, or someone close to you, its important that you have professional intervention resources available to you. Dealing with alcohol dependency alone is nearly impossible. Dealing with addiction with the help of a good alcohol program is still difficult, but much less likely to fail. Our professional experience has taught us that before entering alcohol addiction treatment, or before a friend or family member enters alcohol addiction treatment, it is critical to take the time to become educated about the specific challenges which commonly face an addict. At Southworth Associates, we help people get to the root of their issues and addictive behaviors, reinvent themselves, and heal their minds, bodies, emotions and spirits. If youre ready to start healing, call us today.

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