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Founded by John Southworth in 1998, Southworth Associates is a world leader in drug addiction interventions, drug abuse interventions, monitoring, and consulting services. Since 1993, John Southworth has been highly-involved in the field of drug addiction and abuse interventions, mental health consultation, and drug addiction treatment. Originally, Southworth Associates was established to help coordinate drug abuse and addiction interventions and to monitor doctors in the Physicians Recovery Network. Currently, Southworth Associates holds drug addiction and abuse interventions for hundred of individuals via our Boise, Idaho headquarters. We utilize six different drug interventions and monitoring programs to help our clients through this tough time. Southworth Associates is well-equipped to handle domestic and international drug addiction and abuse interventions and we have many programs specifically designed for the international level. Since 1998, many licensed professionals, colleagues, and other professional affiliates have been coming to Southworth Associates for our expert knowledge of drug interventions. We are here to help identify the drug addiction and abuse problems that are threatening our clients and families lives. Our interventionists will help you finally get the treatment and support you need to overcome your drug addiction.

Bangkok Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the largest city in the country. Bangkok has a current population of around 9.8 million residents. Bangkok is one of the leading cities in Southeast Asia and is the political, social, and economic center of Thailand. Due to the 1980s and 1990s, many international corporations established their regional headquarters in Bangkok, which has transformed the city into a finance and business leader. Today, Bangkok is a very diverse area with the majority of its residents (95%) being Chinese or ethnic Thais. Bangkok is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The greater Bangkok area has around 25 million residents and this number continues to rise each year. Recently, Bangkok has seen a rise in the amount of drug users and addicts within the city. Many Bangkok families have been turning to Southworth Associates for help with drug abuse interventions and drug addiction interventions. These are the first step to overcoming your addiction. At Southworth Associates, we offer our clients a range of drug interventions, monitoring, and consulting options.

Bangkok Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

Southworth Associates believes that drug abuse/addiction intervention is the first step to overcoming your problem. Every drug intervention that we offer is facilitated by our professional interventionists who have years of experience treating addictions throughout the world. Our firm, but compassionate drug intervention style is designed to raise the bottom for addicts by compelling them to seek treatment. We help eliminate the guilt and blame between the individual and family that often hinders the recovery process. At Southworth Associates, our drug interventions help heal the individual, as well as, the family. Our interventionists will give everyone affected by the drug addiction with recommendation and helpful steps for long-term recovery. Southworth Associates will finally give you the help you need. Give us a call today for more information regarding our drug addiction and abuse interventions.

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