Missions Statement: “Providing exemplary monitoring, education, and recovery services in a proactive manner, allowing individuals, families, colleagues, and friends an opportunity to live a rewarding life independent from addicti”

Values & Ethics:  At Southworth Associates, we will do everything in our power to help dependent individuals, their families, colleagues and friends to arrest the disease of addiction, allowing everyone to go forward fulfilling their lives free from the worry and problems that addiction create We emphasize early identification, intervention, referral for treatment and monitoring. The company values being honest at all times, respecting all individuals, supporting employee well-being, and enriching our client’s lives. We strive to provide all services in a professional and confidential format, where ethical integrity is synonymous with outstanding client relationships.

Motto: “Lending a Hand Anytime, Anyplace”

Vision & Goals: The vision of Southworth Associates is to proactively monitor, maintain, and intervene on the addiction process, in a collective attempt to better understand and control dependency. Our goal is to provide quality information, education, coaching, and recovery service We recognize the need for all involved to commit to the ongoing journey towards recovery using the 12 Step model as our basic philosophy.

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