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John Southworth is interventionist, consultant, and program director of Southworth Associates, which provides drug abuse and addiction interventions, drug addiction consulting, and monitoring services. Since its founding in 1998, Southworth Associates has been assisting individuals and their families in identifying addiction behaviors that pose a potential threat to them, their family, their colleagues and their friends. Southworth Associates works to identify and facilitate acute treatment and to provide long-term support for individuals in order for them to be able to return to a productive place within their professions and their lives. Although the program provides no direct counseling, treatment, or aftercare services, it does support and endorse the development of self-help groups at the local level. Through early identification, advance intervention and referral for treatment and monitoring, Southworth Associates does everything it can in order to support drug dependent individuals, their families, colleagues and friends to defeat the disease of drug addiction. The Southworth Associates group of experts has developed an empathetic, conventional approach to interventions that has a high recovery rate with drug addicted individuals. We strive to recognize and facilitate the critical treatment and provide on-going support for the individual to return to a constructive place within his/her life. When addiction or drug abuse enters the life of an adolescent, they need to be treated for that addiction so that it doesn't turn into a lifetime of suffering. Treatment becomes a necessity in the childs life, but that doesn't mean all of the other things that a healthy teenager needs should cease. Treating teenagers drug abuse using a treatment program specifically designed for the adolescent has proven to be the most successful method.

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Boston, Massachusetts is the capital of and largest city in the state, and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The city proper has a population of 617,594. It is regarded as the unofficial Capital of New England. Greater Boston, as a commuting region, is home to 7.6 million people, making it the fifth-largest Combined Statistical Area in the United States. As home to the Boston Red Sox, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard and Boston Universities, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is also home to some of the most significant drug abuse struggles in the nation. Long centered on heroin addiction, drug abuse problems in Boston have reached an all time record high. Boston emergency rooms have reported seeing four times as many cases involving heroin abuse and heroin overdose than any other illicit drug. In addition to heroin addiction, prescription drug abuse poses a serious threat for those residing in and around Boston. Along with heroin and controlled prescription pills comes the presence of cocaine and crack cocaine addiction in Boston. Boston has literally a lot to offer, including, unfortunately, an ongoing drug problem. Marijuana remains readily available in all areas of the state with the majority of commercial-grade product originating in Mexico or the Southwest region of the United States. In 2010, there were 106,301 admissions to substance abuse treatment programs statewide; 16.72% (17,775) of these admissions reported being from the City of Boston. 5.38% (140) of admissions from the City of Boston were under 18 years of age. With these kinds of statistics, it is not surprising that Bostonians are looking to Southworth Associates for help in drug abuse and drug addiction intervention services.

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At In 1984, after John Southworth began providing both inpatient and outpatient drug abuse and addiction counseling for groups and individuals, he decided to not only provide counseling and education, but to provide interventions which help people help others through the process of recovery from drug addiction. Throughout his career spanning over two decades of coordinating successful sobriety programs, is that the majority of people in recovery from drug abuse simply do not have access to monitoring programs. In 2005, John started a monitoring program to give an under-served population the same tools for recovery that the doctors and nurses have had for years. Model after PRN (Program for Recovering Nurses) this program uses the same diagnostic tools and monitoring protocol. John maintains professional affiliations nationwide, and through these affiliations, he has been able to build and preserve an all-inclusive network of services throughout the world, and is able to provide assistance at a moments notice. For more information on how Southworth Associates can help you or a loved one, call us today.

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