Thank you so much for rearranging your schedule and leading the drug intervention for my brother ...I am so happy that you were able to convince him to enter rehab ....thank you so much for your kind help.
Thank you so much for all your love, help & guidance! As I reflect on the time during the intervention, I realize the important of your professional presence! So thank you again. Love
Dear John, On behalf of the family I want to tell you how appreciative we are for what you did for our father. We had given up hope that an 81 year old who was very successful and had all the money in the world which he used to keep people around who enabled his alcohol and sleeping pill addiction would ever accept help with recovery. While we had tried in subtle ways many times to get him to stop drinking or control the drinking when people were around he had never even once accepted he had a drinking problem or ever tried to abate it. As adult children we all live thousands of miles away and we thought our influence on him had been replaced by gold-diggers and money grubbers who took advantage of his drunkenness to get his money by pretending to be his friends. From the very first call you returned we KNEW we had found the person who could save our Dad. Your ability to educate us and give us hope and strength was amazing. At the intervention we all read our letters and then you just effortlessly took over and sealed the deal. Dad didn't even argue. It was literally a miracle that unfolded in front of our eyes. Our only regrets is not having done this a long long time ago and we urge anyone in a similar situation not to lose one more precious second of their father or mother's life and call John right now. You will look back at that first call as the best thing you ever did.
...Thank you for befriending our family. It is a relief to be out of the “fix-it” department. We are now looking forward to beginning your exercise and counseling program and bonding with an al-anon sponsor. If we are ever in need of an Interventionist for a family member or friend, you are at the top of our list.. Fond Regards