When my daughter did not show up for our well-planned intervention, I was devastated. Later I was grateful for this failed attempt because God had a more perfect timing. My daughter had sensed something was suspicious with our preparations to meet her for lunch the day after Christmas. By correctly answering my husband's security questions for his email account, she had discovered our plans and even read our intervention letters. John instructed us to take her car and to inform her that she had just a few hours to get her clothes out of her apartment. He also told us to tell our daughter that we would no longer support or talk to her unless she contacted John Southworth and agreed to go to treatment. Our whole family agreed that we would not email, text, or communicate with her through Facebook. After a month, she called her brother and he simply stated, “Call John Southworth.” This began our journey of learning a different way of behaving. Every morning I lifted my daughter up and placed her in God's loving arms and asked him to take care of her for just that day. I learned to leave her in his arms while I got busy changing what I could and that was myself. At John's urging, my husband and I began attending Al-anon where we found tremendous support in the literature and friends who understood what we were going through. We came to understand that we did not cause her disease, we cannot control it, and we cannot cure it. However, we can contribute to it. We realized that we had to step out of the way, so that God could do his work. Eight months passed before my daughter went to treatment. By following John's guidelines to let go and let God, my daughter has now been sober eight months. I know that if she had gone with John that day, she would not have been ready. And just as significant, neither were we.
Dear John, It is with a very heavy heart I am writing you this letter today. For years I have tried to get help for my Alcoholic Son. I have attended AA and Alanon to try to understand this disease. I have been helpless and hopeless, until the day I decided that something had to be done. You were referred to me by an extremely reputable source, we talked, and after a few clays of my own soul searching, and knowing that this was a leap of faith, I contracted you to do this intervention and get my son to a place where he hopefully will recover. This has been the most heart wrenching situation of my life, and if not for you and your expertise I know this would not have been realized. I have tried to do this on my own, but was never successful until now. You have a calm and loving approach and I will always be grateful to you. Now the rest is up to my son. I thank you for everything you have done to make this possible.
When other people help you recover, you acquire a debt. You try to repay it by doing the same as best you can for others, but you can never fully repay it, or fully undo the damage you did in your sad days. But, it is in the trying that you remain peaceful and happy. At least that is how it is for me. Thank you.
To all families and people who believe they may be suffering from effects of alcoholism in their families My name is Mr X and my family was and is a highly sophisticated and highly educated family from New York City. I must tell you that our family has suffered, both knowingly and unknowingly, from the fact that our father was an alcoholic for over 15 years. Because he only drank wine, and because he was a man of superior wealth and accomplishment, and because we were, apart from the alcohol, as close to a Brady Bunch family as possible... we never imagined that this illness was effecting him and us. Our home became a place loaded with drama, unnecessary arguments, and extremely hurtful comments. We tried by ourselves to address his drinking. It didn’t work. We tried to engage psychologists and psycho-pharmacologists, but they didn’t work. We were fortunate enough by the Grace of G-d to have a neighbor who specialized in substance and alcohol abuse counseling. She immediately stated we needed to do an intervention and we needed to engage alcohol and drug abuse specialists. Then through the recommendations of top treatment centers across the country we were blessed to be given the telephone number of John Southworth of Southworth Associates. If I tell you it was like magic and miracle and surgery all intertwined. He immediately told us to read the book "Love First" which gave us in quick format, the core understandings of alcoholism and how we could quickly design and conduct and intervention. It took several weeks of preparation as my entire family was mobilized, read the book and designed intervention letters. Then we held the intervention. It was like John, who had never met or spoken to my father, had known him for years, and within 20 minutes John like a coastguard saving a drowning man from the sea, before our very eyes, got my father to agree to board a plane with him to a treatment center. I replay that day often in my mind... In all walks of life there are B’s. A-’s, and A+’s. John Southworth is an A+, and in this serious arena where life and death literally hang in the balance, I pray that more affected families will somehow be guided to Southworth Associates. My father is alive and healing today because of John. May G-d help him, help your family. Mr. X
"Words fail me when it comes to finding the appropriate ones to thank you for allowing me to attend the conference in Vero Beach. I have never experienced such passion and caring for people who suffer from the disease of addiction. I was so proud to be part of such a wonderful group of people. I will always be grateful to you."