Words fail me when it comes to finding the appropriate ones to thank you for allowing me to attend the conference in Vero Beach. I have never experienced such passion and caring for people who suffer from the disease of addiction. I was so proud to be part of such a wonderful group of people. I will always be grateful to you.
[My daughter-in-law] just called as she was boarding the plane. [Our son] is at UNIO and it all went as well as could be expected. He cooperated but seemed very 'detached' so she says. We are so appreciative of what you have done. None of us think it would happen without you being there. We're still afraid but at least he has help now IF he will only accept and utlized what's available to him. [We] would like to compensate you for you time and effort. I know you said you would come without charge but you certainly incurred some extra expense. Please let us know.
...[My wife] and I want to thank you from our hearts for your great and compassionate efforts for our family in connection with the recent alcohol intervention on our son. You absolutely saved his life while at the same time removing the heavy mantel of fear, worry and probably terror from our shoulders. From the moment that the professionals at Betty Ford recommended you to us, a huge layer of relief and confidence settled on us. As you know, I am a supposedly very senior executive at one of the Big Three and supposedly had 'seen it all.' In truth, I hadn’t. Your ability to relate immediately to all our needs—even those now in the continuing recovery process—along with your capacity to provide plainly understandable totally specific courses of action, are simply outstanding and rare.
The phone call I received at 1 a.m. the day after Christmas will always be with me. It was the call I wished would never have come, but thought, one day might. As I got off the phone, I woke my husband and told him to get John Southworth’s number. I have spoken with John two months prior, but never followed through with on intervention. I thought, like many, that my brother might get better. Obviously, I was wrong. By 10 a.m., my husband, my parents, John and I were flying from all corners to get to my brother. John knew the exact facility that would fit my brother’s needs and secured an admission. Without knowing much about addiction and rehabilitation, I could never have found the facility myself in this short period of time, and under so much stress. That evening, John and I went to the hospital and met with my brother. John, with his expertise, knew how to direct the conversation, the intervention, and provide the leverage to convince him to get treatment. If that were not enough, after a grueling and emotionally exhausting 16 hours, John came to meet with my parents. He explained to them the manipulation and decent of addiction. My brother did enter treatment, but not without more episodes of chaos and turmoil. John was with me, each step. He helped me see through my brother’s addictive behavior and denial. John kept me strong and together with my family, we could provide the support he needed. I know this is only the beginning of the journey for my brother and my family. I thank God that He brought John to us. John was our North Star through this painful ordeal and we are truly thankful.
Thanks so much for all the help you cheerfully provide.