I want to share my experience with John Southworth and Southworth Associates. We recently planned and executed an intervention on my father for alcohol addiction. My father is the macho type and I knew it would not be easy to get him to go into treatment and then recovery. John was excellent. Without help, my father would have eventually died of this terrible disease. John was able to get us focused on the job at hand and was able to connect with my father immediately due to their shared experiences. When the intervention began, my father mouthed the words “I’m not going anywhere” to my mother. Needless to say, he was less than pleased that we had taken this route to help him. After the eight of us read our letters that were filled with love and concern, my father realized that treatment and recovery was the only option. He did however still try to delay when his treatment would begin. John very calmly, but firmly, explained to my father that we had taken care of everything that would stand in the way of his leaving that day. Minutes later my father was in the car with John on his way to the rehabilitation facility that we had prearranged for him to start the process of getting his family, life, and health back. It was the greatest feeling that I have had in a long time. Testimonial from New York I cannot state enough how amazing John was throughout this process. This is his life’s work and while working with him it becomes obvious why. He has experienced firsthand the problems that families and addicts live through on a daily basis. The people at Southworth Associates were also very helpful, caring, and accommodating throughout this process. I would recommend to anyone who has a loved one that is battling addiction work with John and his staff as a method of getting the loved one’s life and health back. The intervention process was amazing and not at all what I expected. It is full of love and concern for the addict…and it works!
I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how thankful we are for the integral part you played in a successful intervention for our sister. Your role was crucial, and I think the service you provide is a blessing for both the alcoholic and their affected family, for a couple of reasons: Having a dispassionate third party play the leading role served to 'set the tone' of calm and order for our entire family, while taking the burden off of the already emotionally-drained members to appoint one of our own to serve as the leader. Having you, in particular, be the mediator/'lead man' for our group lent real credibility to our efforts, as you were able to show [my sister] through your own story what success treatment can yield when the alcoholic finally yields to the treatment. I believe that even if our efforts were unsuccessful in getting [my sister] into treatment, the outpouring of love we were able to share with her that day would have made it worthwhile nonetheless. Most people never have the opportunity to hear such sentiments from those closest to them while they are still alive, and it now seems silly to me that we typically save them for funerals, when they will have zero impact on our loved one. An intervention is a powerful tool that benefits not only the alcoholic but those closest to them, and we're grateful that we used your services to give [my sister] the absolute best shot at taking our offer to help her on her road to sobriety. Please feel free to use this to encourage others to take this step as well. Thanks again,
...Again, my many many thanks for so caringly and professionally guiding my son and his family to McLean Hospital. You were a comfort to my wife and me for more than a week. You were a major help to my son...and I shall not hesitate to urge anyone who asks me for a recommendation for an interventionist to get in touch with you.
I want to write a note of thanks to you for all your help and support in a firm but caring way. You helped me negotiate through a very tough time with my son, who is drug addict, by letting me know I needed to stand my ground with him. I trusted you and followed your advice and thank goodness, he went to a rehab facility that you also helped negotiate. I could not have gone through the day and a half of waiting and praying that he would make the best decision, without your help and guidance. I had no idea what to do or how to proceed and you asked me to try and to go with what you offered and I did. I cannot thank you enough for your professional help and I would hope that anyone who needs assistance in intervening with a loved one who has the terrible disease of addiction, will call on you for your expertise. Thank you so very much again and bless you,
...I knew nothing about the role of a substance intervention counselor until an admissions representative at the Betty Ford Center recommended I call John Southworth. Almost immediately after the first telephone call to his office, John personally called my other daughter and me, encouraging us and reassuring us that there was hope that the three of us showing up together in her home could convince her to get help. John’s involvement in our family crisis did give my daughter the chance to redirect her life toward health, renewed family relationships, and hope for the future. Before John has started to work, it is impossible to know how much he can do and how much you do need him. Three months after our intervention, my own understanding of John’s contribution to our lives continues to deepen. His ability to be such a strong catalyst for change comes from two sources; his deep knowledge of the disease of addiction and, his profound commitment, reinforced by a faith that is contagious. This kind of leadership and camaraderie is so precious that it is hard to believe that you can find it through a business relationship. Obviously it depends on the individual counselor, and that is why I wholeheartedly would recommend considering John’s help. During the meeting with my daughter, John foresaw all the potential obstacles to accomplishing our goal of getting her out of her environment, away from her companions, and into the treatment center. His clear focus and tactful, low key participation kept things on track and steered us clear of conflict and emotional explosions. John was definitely in control of the day, but he was consistently kind to my daughter and treated her with respect. During one of the most difficult times a parent can face, John was all these to us: a source of knowledge about the disease and treatment options, a facilitator who was able to open the doors and make things happen, and our leader and guide...