I was with you for only a short time, but you became a friend for life. Thank you, John, for your wonderful way in helping us confront a difficult family situation. You immediately recognized our involvement. You firmly and efficiently took charge, and gave us comfort. I cried when you drove out of sight, but I had been assured by my son when he told me with tears, 'Thank you, Dad. I was desperate and did not know what to do. Don't worry. I will be back and be O.K.' Your constant concern and contacts during the B.F.C. experience, and your interest in the well-being of my family has been greatly appreciated.
...We recently asked John Southworth to help us with a drinking intervention for our elderly mother. During the time preceding the actual intervention, John and his staff were readily available to us and returned our calls promptly. They were able to answer any questions or concerns we had and gave us a number of referrals which were very helpful. When we finally met with John, we found him to be compassionate, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He employed just the right amount of humor to ease our tensions in this very stressful event. He even helped us handle some last minute glitches in our timeline that day, to make things run as smooth as possible. We didn't know what to expect from our mother and were impressed with the way John took charge and approached her with great sensitivity and kindness. He was very convincing and straightforward. It took very little time from walking into her apartment to leaving for the plane.
Two weeks ago I didn’t know much about illicit drugs and had never even heard of you! But some guardian angel brought us together and today my…son has voluntarily gone into drug rehab to begin the first step of his recovery. The intervention you orchestrated was masterful-but-as they say ' There’s no substitute for experience!' Your passion and caring impressed me from our first conversation. All I can say is Thank you Thank you Thank you
We could not have done this without John. We couldn't have known even how to begin and certainly would have had less than desirable results. We can't thank John and his staff enough. He came highly recommended to us and we would highly recommend him to any of our friends, family and acquaintances in this unfortunate circumstance.
...I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for giving me my life back. Without your work I would never have come to S. Florida, never met [Mike] and probably would never have lived to see today. So I just wanted to tell you Thank You Very Much!