"I wanted to let you know how grateful we all are. You saved our sister’s life. We didn’t know how bad [our sister’s] drinking problem was until last November when she went into an alcoholic coma. Her liver failed, her kidneys failed, one lung collapsed, and she had ammonia on brain. No one said a word on the four-hour drive to say, good-bye. The Lord heard our prayers and miraculously she came out of her coma. Then, after two months in physical rehabilitation, she came home in February. When she relapsed in May, everybody knew we had to do something quickly. Her body couldn’t handle a near-death trauma again. We had no experience in rescuing an alcoholic. But we learned quickly. We clocked hundreds of hours online and on the phone researching interventionists and alcohol treatment centers. We spoke with nine different rehabilitation facilities, and four interventionists. We got good advice, we got bad advice, and we got some deceptive advice too. The clock was ticking and at midnight, 72 hours before our targeted intervention date, everything collapsed when we learned that our original interventionist was less than truthful about the rehabilitation facility where he planned to bring [our sister]. In desperation, at one o’clock in the morning, I asked the family, “What’s the best alcohol recovery program in the country?” “Betty Ford,” everyone agreed. We called the Betty Ford Center at ten-after-one in the morning. The counselor manning the phone was kind, empathetic, offered lots of advice— and she gave us your phone number. Two days later you came across the country with a plan to rescue [our sister]. On the night before the intervention, you conducted a rehearsal so everyone knew what to expect— and how to handle those things we didn’t expect, like blocking her car in the driveway so she couldn’t drive away. You helped formulate a simple goal that we could embrace— get [our sister] into a car of her own free will and get her off to the airport. During the actual intervention, we confronted [our sister] with love, respect, and a gift of life. Despite her belligerence, love and compassion won the day and [our sister] was in the car and off to the airport with you within an hour. I’ll never forget all of her exhausted relatives and friends standing in [her] driveway watching her drive off with you. Then, spontaneously breaking into a huge round of applause. You would think we had landed [our sister] on the moon. Today, I’m happy to report that [she] has been in treatment for 30 days. She’s promised to give treatment a chance and stay the full 90 days. She calls home every night to tell her three young children that she loves them— and that she’s 'learning how to become a better mommy.' Your friend"
"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Physician's Recovery Network.....One year ago this month {PRN Board Member} came to talk to the leadership team of our small 16 bed hospital about what to do when one of our physicians returned from recovery in a few days....{PRN Board Member} did an excellent job explaining to us the role for the PRN, the background for physicians and the complexity of recovery from addiction. He spared nothing even explained to us what our obligations were and were not. We were well informed and understood there would be many challenges ahead for {the returning physician's} practice..... You should be proud of the efforts of everyone who has assisted this {doctor}....I am honored to have been part of this process."
Thank you for the presentation you made to President Bush at the meeting of the Mayor's Drug Task Force on July 19, 1990. Your comments were much appreciated, as they helped paint a clear picture of Boise's efforts in the war against drugs. I especially appreciate your cooperation on such a short notice--although it left you little time to prepare your speech, at least it didn't leave you with too many sleepless nights. I now look forward to the new energy and inspiration the president has instilled in the Task Force. As Pat McMurray was quoted the following day in the Stateman, the visit has provided an "immesurable shot in the arm to us." Thanks again, John. Sincerly, Dirk Kempthorne, Idaho State Governor
"Sixty days ago, I didn't know what an intervention was. My son had a drug addiction and I was desperate for help. I was referred to John Southworth by the Betty Ford Hospital. A few moments after I had John on the phone, I felt a sense of trust and confidence in him that he was the one that could help us. My son needed help, and I wanted to make the best decisions I could. We talked several times over the phone before we had met. John suggested books and information that would be helpful to everyone in the family. Once John arrived, the family (minus my son) met with him the night before to discuss what would happen during the intervention. John was extremely clear and confident when explaining what the next day and the rest of our lives would entail. He knows what works. He is living through his own recovery, and helps others in need every day. John makes you realize the time is NOW for change. The intervention went just like John said it would. Now, it's one day at a time as our son gets back on a normal path. From all of us, thank you John."
Once again, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you for giving us guidance in dealing with the alcohol addiction my wife had. Your insight and help was most valuable in guiding our family through the process of ultimately having her agree to go to [treatment center] for the help and counseling that she so badly needed. Fortunately, we did not have to go through the intervention process that we discussed and had actually made arrangements with you. Your suggestions and recommendations about how to proceed were, without a doubt, what our family needed to be strong enough to accept that as a resolution to a crucial family situation. Thus, the ultimate intervention was not required because of the positive steps taken prior to that time. Your aid and assistance in securing her a place at the [treatment center] certainly helped us to gain admittance on extremely short notice. Today the individual is receiving the attention she needs and is starting on the road to recovery through the comprehensive programs offered by the [treatment center]. Again, John, thank you so much for your support and understanding. We could not have accomplished what we did without your help and assistance.