I am forever in debt with Mr John Southworth. I have great respect towards him and no words will ever be enough to express my appreciation for the intervention which was accepted by him the same day i poured my heart out to him as i pleaded to him to please save my son from his addiction as i felt powerless from exhausting repeated episodes that had taken my beloved son. His comforting words were prompt and even included the airfare ticket. It was God's answer to prayer after so many sleepless nights and many 911 calls of OD situations. I spoked to him on 6/6 and my son was flying on 6/11 exactly two days after his last 51/50. I am a grateful mother and thank God for Mr. Southworth. Without his intervention, i do not believe my son would have made it, neither would I. He is indeed an Angel on earth and thank him with all my heart.I am inspired to help humanity after such an act of kindness because the need is great. Thanks to you and personnel. God bless you all!